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Types of Intervention

We provide expert intervention services for a variety of unhealthy behaviors and have helped many clients receive the help that they need in order to begin recovery. Some people start out relatively normally in life, and then become addicted to medications prescribed by a doctor.

Others have always experimented off and on with drugs or alcohol and have now gotten themselves in over their head. Still others aren’t addicted to substances themselves but instead exhibit addictive behaviors such as gambling, or unhealthy sex behaviors.

A brief interview guides us towards the right intervention type for your loved one

Part of the intervention process is in determining the specifics of your situation. When we begin speaking with a family member about their loved ones, we begin to ask a series of questions that will give us a rough overview of the situation.

With the answers we can begin to tailor the intervention, for each one is unique. The following is a list of questions that we ask families that help us determine the intervention that we are going to conduct:

  • Are they abusing drugs, alcohol, or both?
  • Which drugs are they using?
  • Are they a binge user or a daily user?
  • How old is your loved one and how long have they been using/drinking?
  • Do they have any prior history of treatment
  • What is their recent employment history
  • Are they married? Any children?
  • What are their interests or hobbies?
  • Do they have a history of violence?
  • Are they currently taking any psychiatric medication?
  • Any prior psychiatric diagnosis?

Does it matter what they are addicted to?

Intervention Services uses 3 primary types of interventions:

  • Crisis Interventions
  • Recovery Interventions
  • Closure Interventions

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