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Domestic Violence Intervention

Domestic Violence InterventionDo you know the face of domestic violence? Did you know it could be your neighbor, corporate executive or janitor? Domestic violence is not limited to race, income, gender, age or education. You probably do know the face of an abuser, but would never suspect what really happens behind closed doors. You would probably be shocked to hear how they talk to their family members. You might be stunned to find out that the calm, cool person you see at work, or at your kid’s soccer games is a monster at home.

We don’t often fully understand the individual stress that people endure. However, stress can trigger physical violence in the home and sometimes it can be fatal.  But we want to prevent it before it comes to that, with a domestic violence intervention, or perhaps another type of 

The Face of Domestic Violence

Maybe you do know the face of domestic violence, and you are behind closed doors with that monster. While the idea of escape is probably a frequent thought, you haven’t left yet. Living in the home of an abuser can be dangerous. This is especially true if have been a victim of domestic violence and did not report the incident to the police. If the abuser has done this once and gotten away with it, then it is very likely that the next time a situation escalates that the abuse will also escalate.

If you live with someone that is physically, verbally or emotionally abusive then you both need help. Domestic violence intervention can only occur if you are honest about what is happening. Police can take your partner or spouse to jail, but that is a temporary solution. When he or she gets released, you cannot expect him or her to change their behavior. Physical violence is not acceptable in the home and will only create more problems for you. If you have been hit once then you are likely to be hit, punched or kicked by the same person at a later date.

You may know some of the triggers that cause your spouse to go into a rage, but you probably don’t know the reason for the trigger. If you live your life in fear of triggering a rage, and you are afraid of a physical altercation then you must seek help.

Domestic Violence Interventions

Domestic violence intervention starts with reporting the offense and then seeking professionals that can step in and help you both begin to understand the issues and the triggers. You should expect some resistance on the part of the abuser, but if they are not willing to seek treatment then you must consider what your future looks like with this person. Is hitting the ‘new norm’? Do you understand that you have more value than your abuser could ever comprehend? Do you know that you are not dependent on this person, regardless of what they threaten to take away?

Domestic violence intervention begins with you understanding that your life is in crisis, and you are likely in danger. Contacting a professional that can give you the right tools to deal with your abuser can change your life.

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