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As a company, we are here to help your loved ones get on the right path to recovery. At Intervention Services USA, we are here to help you as an individual and your family to understand what is going on and help your loved ones get the help they need. Our intervention specialists help you confront your loved ones in every way possible to get them into treatment and on the road to recovery. Our continuum of care starts from the very first phone call, which continues through the intervention, throughout treatment and beyond that. An Intervention is more than just talking someone into treatment; it is to help the family as a whole, as well as helping that individual with their addiction.

We are just a phone call away to help your loved ones with an intervention and getting them on the road to recovery. Our staff can help you along the way with an intervention and to help place your loved ones into the best form treatment for them with the help of their health insurance.

Professional Interventions are statistically successful at a high of 90%, state wide and nation wide.

Having health insurance can help you with a lot when it comes to medical treatment

How We Can Utilize Your Health Insurance

  • As a company we handle and work with all types of health insurance companies and each of their policies they offer.
  • We can help you and your loved ones figure out what your insurance policy covers for treatment. We work with treatment centers that will be able to maximize the full benefits that your insurance companies offer. we do this your loved ones get the best treatment that is right for them! Remember – For a longer lasting sobriety, you need to find a treatment center that is a good fit. Any Treatment center will not work!
  • Even if your loved one, whom needs the help and has state-funded insurance, which can have the bare minimum coverage for addiction treatment, we can still dig deep enough to maximize your benefits that your insurance does cover just to get your loved ones help with some sort of coverage for treatment.
  • If you have specified or private state funded insurance, it will help your loved ones get into a more optional treatment program that is right for them.
  • Though, no matter the insurance provider or policy you or your loved ones may have, it will not cover the cost of the intervention.

We will not stop by any means to help your loved ones to find the right care and treatment they need! It all starts with an Intervention, which is more than just talking someone into treatment, it is about helping them as a person and also their families as a whole. We are a full continuum of care provider, which means we offer lifetime services for all our clients with or without health insurance.

What Happens If You or Your Loved Ones Do Not Have Health Insurance? What We Can Do to Help.

We do offer Finical Assistance.

  • We offer scholarships and grants that can help you pay for all forms of treatment.
  • If you do not qualify for a scholarship or grant of some form, our team can still work with you and your loved ones to get them into the best treatment center that will fit their needs for the best affordable price with other forms of financial help.
  • We can help you along the way with other payment options if you do not qualify for any grants that are available.
  • Overall, we are here to help your loved ones get into the best form of treatment with or without insurance.

How We Can Help

Intervention Services USA provides the professional expertise to effectively confront a loved one about any addiction or mental health issue that is affecting their life. We come alongside families to intervene on individuals that are suffering from substance abuse as well as many other destructive behaviors like mental illness’. We provide experienced, professional intervention services all around North America. Our clients come from all walks of life and a variety of religious and cultural backgrounds. No matter who you are or where you come from, we can help you!

Our staff has access to a network of hundreds of treatment centers across the United States, and we’ve coordinated treatment for thousands of individuals and their families. Our Professional interventionists help explain the situation from a neutral side, as well as, guide to help everyone that is involved through the intervention process. They stay in contact during transportation to the treatment facility and after the treatment is over. They continue to provide counseling for as long as it is needed.

Give us a call today at 1 (877) 478-4621 and let us help you with the intervention process, as well as getting your loved ones the best care and treatment; with or without having health insurance.

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