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Addiction Intervention 101

Day 1: Preparation

During the first day of an intervention, a professional interventionist will prepare family and friends for the event by helping them learn about the following:

  1. Introduction: Family and friends of the addict will sit down with the interventionist after filling out a pre-assessment questionnaire and writing loving letters.
  2. Addiction education: Close ones of the addict must agree to let go of any pre-conceived notions of addiction.
  3. Enabling: The family will learn about how enabling an addict will hurt everyone else around him or her.
  4. Tough love: Family and friends will decide on healthy and effective boundaries to take with the addict.
  5. Intervention planning: Loved ones of the addicts will decide who will be at the actual intervention and prepare themselves for intense emotional responses.

Day 2: The Intervention

During the emotional second day of the addiction intervention process, family and friends should be prepared for the following:

  1. Loving Letters: The family will try to connect with the addict by reading him or her the letters that they wrote on day one.
  2. Reactions: The interventionist will help the family and the addict come to an agreement about going to a treatment program.
  3. Treatment: If the addict does not initially agree to treatment, the intervention will continue until the family decides that it’s over. Over 90 percent of the time, an addict will agree to go to treatment, so it is important to stay firm and confident.

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