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Meet Our Intervention Team

To understand Intervention Services, it is best to understand the employees that work for us and what brings us all together. Founded by two brothers whose lives were impacted by addictions, we feel that we understand the impact that addiction can bring to a family system. However, beyond the founders of the company, we feel it is important to explain our background as you meet our team.

From our Receptionists to our Office Manager, our CFO to our family counselors, each of us has been directly impacted by addiction within our own family and within our own lives. Each of us has a story.

The suicide of an addicted parent, the caretaker of an addict with brain damage from her addiction, the adoption of an addicted child, the pain of a father who chooses drugs over his family time and again, the
struggles with a personal addiction, however, your experience came to be; each of us at Intervention Services understands addiction in our own way.

Hopefully, listed below, you will understand why we work here. Why, for each of us, helping others to recover has become our purpose.

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