Intervention and Addiction Videos

Our video section has been provided and made for families to help them to understand their loved ones and to offer some form of education and guidance to a situation that can feel overwhelming at times.

Loving an Addict or Alcoholic: Enabling
Intervention for an Addict: How It Works

Loving an Addict or Alcoholic: Manipulations
Loving an Addict or Alcoholic: Objections to Treatment


Family Interventions – Why Families Wait

It is common knowledge within the intervention field that over 90% of clients who are intervened on end up agreeing to enter treatment. However, less than 5% of family members who reach out an inquire about family interventions actually end up having an intervention done on their loved one. Which means that it is easier to convince an unwilling addict or alcoholic to enter treatment then it is to convince a family to let us do it.


The Rogue Elephant

Seeking an answer the question as to why some people become addicted to drugs and others don’t.


Enabling Addiction – Our Helping was Hurting

How much can you give to save your loved one’s life? Will you give your money, your time, your prayers? Will you even give yourself until there is nothing left of you? Every family is enabling addiction in some way.


Interventions Help the Entire Family – Not Just the Addict

Addiction not only hurts the entire family but it takes a toll on the entire family. A family will see a loved one decline in health, lie, steal and manipulate all family members. It comes to a point that the family needs support and understanding. With an Intervention the family becomes educated and learns about addiction and how to fight it and save their addicted loved one.


How Enabling Affects Your Loved Ones

“Understanding Enabling from a Recovering Addicts Perspective” is to help families to understand the “Four Emotions an Addict uses to cause People to Enable Them”. It seeks to show how enabling addiction can affect their loved ones.


Hitting Rock Bottom

Is hitting rock bottom necessary in order to change? It is important for families to collectively understand that waiting for this mysterious event, this “bottom” that they have often been mistakenly informed of…often results in disastrous consequences.

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