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Substance Abuse Intervention

A Substance Abuse Intervention can restore hope to a family that has someone who is suffering from addiction. Essentially, substance abuse is a huge problem in the U.S, putting many lives at risk annually.

Families often feel helpless to help a loved one suffering from drug or alcohol addiction since an addict often refuses to believe they have a problem. Denial is a part of the disease that addicts experience as they fall deeper into a dangerous situation.

Given the constant danger associated with substance abuse, many families turn to professionals for help. A substance abuse intervention is one way that families can come together for the purpose of persuading a loved one to enter into treatment.

The objective of an is to persuade the addict to get help immediately.

Finding a qualified interventionist with experience is the first step to organizing an intervention.

Once the services of a professional have been retained, then they will take over planning for the big day.

It is important to schedule the event as soon as possible, keeping in mind that the goal is to keep the addict safe and prevent a potential disaster. Suicide, accidents and drug overdose can occur at any time, so there is no time to waste.

Planning a Substance Abuse Intervention

Family members and other important people in the addict’s life are asked to attend the intervention. A rehearsal meeting for the purpose of preparation is usually held by the interventionist for the distinct purpose of discussing how the addict will be addressed.

Many of the participants will confront the addict with a goal of expressing their concern for the addict and explaining how the addiction has affected them. It is best to prepare these statements ahead of time before the emotionally charged intervention occurs.

Tears, anger, and paranoia are expected reactions in an intervention setting, with the addict often feeling deceived. That is why it is so important to hire a professional who knows how to manage the meeting to achieve results.


Substance Abuse Interventions are Goal Oriented

Rules of conduct are established by the interventionist. It is imperative that the intervention is used for one purpose only. Keeping the objective of getting the addict into treatment is critical.

Participants should never use the intervention as a forum for working out other family problems and dysfunctional behavior.

Some interventions are planned without the knowledge of the addict. The element of surprise is used in some intervention models as the preferred strategy. This model is often selected when there is a strong probability that the addict will not attend the intervention.

The downside of this method is that “tricking” the addict into attending the intervention under false pretenses can undermine trust. For this reason, many families elect to use an invitational intervention instead, where all participants, including the addict, are invited.

A professional interventionist can review the pros and cons of each method with family members so they can decide which method makes sense in their specific situation.

Substance Abuse Intervention Conclusion

A substance abuse intervention is often the only answer for persuading a loved one to get help. When an addict is confronted with love and concern by a group of family members and friends, they often finally recognize that they do indeed have a problem. Substance abuse intervention saves many addicts lives, effectively stopping the disease in its tracks before something catastrophic occurs.

Substance Abuse Interventionist

Intervention Services can guide, educate or be a resource to you, the one who is reaching out.

Intervention Services is on hand 24 hours a day to help you to help your loved one who may be abusing drugs or alcohol. If you have questions or need to speak with someone, understand that most of our employees are recovering professionals who can speak with you as someone who once abused drugs themselves. Call us at 1 (219) 226-6050.

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