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Shopping Addiction Intervention

Shopping Addiction InterventionShopping is considered a great past time, except when it spins out of hand. When your shopping becomes excessive and you begin spending beyond your means, for things that you really don’t need, this is an addictive behavior. A shopping addiction can be as harmful as drugs, alcoholism, or any other . When this behavior is brought to our attention and we can’t see it or we don’t know how to stop, then we may need the help of family, friends or a professional to overcome this compulsion with a shopping addiction intervention.

Understanding Shopping Addictions

We have found that the strongest desire to shop uncontrollably is during times of depression, anger, sadness, and anxiety. Shopaholics will shop for anything and everything, from low end items to high end items. Thus, it is important to get to the true nature of why you have to shop incessantly. Discovering the triggers that make a shopaholic an impulse buyer is the most effective way to treat the addiction and begin a shopping addiction intervention.Your urge to shop is a way of coping with these emotions and your way of relieving stress. Shopping addicts or shopaholics, receive a temporary rush or high from shopping, however, this is just a fleeting emotion, because after you “shop til you drop,” then the same unhappy feelings return. If you are not sure that you are a shopaholic, look at some of the top signs:
  •  You hide your shopping items from friends and family.
  •  You have maxed out your credit cards due to your shopping habits.
  •  You buy items that you really don’t need.
  •  You can’t buy just one or two items, you buy too much.
  •  Your urge to shop is something you can’t control and you must shop instantly.

Getting Help for a Shopping Addiction

If you possess any of these symptoms, don’t fret, it isn’t the end of the world, because we can help you. Admitting that you have a problem is step one towards healing. A shopping addiction is clearly only masking underlying problems that must be addressed. Our shopping addiction intervention professionals, are understanding, compassionate and will outline a great program just for you. Shopaholics must be treated quickly or other more serious self destructive problems will surface.We will design a specific shopping addiction intervention plan of action with positive objectives to help you recognize this shopping disorder. Our shopping addiction intervention treatment might require that you no longer receive financial assistance from a spouse, family members or friends. We incorporate follow-up treatments to make sure that you do not fall back into a shopping struggle. Making a lifestyle change is a large part of any successful treatments and it lowers the risk of a relapse.Helping you to avoiding situations that encourage you to spend unwisely is a part of our course of action. Our experienced intervention plans involve the family, friends, and others who impact your life daily. A shopping addiction, like other addictions, is a disease which has other branches of symptoms, such as smoking and compulsive eating. Our shopping addiction intervention treatments will vary so that we can help you, help yourself, thus reducing the risk of relentless shopping emotions.To learn more about how we can help, contact us today at: 1 (877) 478-4621.

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