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Christian Intervention

A Christian Intervention can bring them back to Christ

Christian Intervention

What is it that we do when our loved one has lost their way and their faith due to drugs and alcohol?  Oftentimes, a family whose life is centered in Christ feels more comfortable having a Christian Interventionist to help their loved one find their way. A  Christian Intervention is performed with a foundation in faith and guided by an Interventionist who found his own personal recovery through accepting Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.

A Christian Intervention is a , and ideal for someone who has sought faith or was raised in a Christian upbringing and found a faith that, at one time was working for them. However, using drugs or alcohol has separated them from feeling the presence of God in their life. Instead of connection, there is a feeling of disconnection. It is not God who has disconnected, but a thousand unhandled situations that create guilt, shame and remorse that are blocking the Christian from the sunlight of the Spirit. Alcohol and drugs replace that feeling of disconnection with an artificial sense of connection with other people and the world around. But these artificial feelings are a trap and are always temporary. The alcohol and drug based connections fade away over time and the substance abuser is left feeling even more empty. The world is now empty for them. Even sitting amongst their own loving family can sometimes be an uncomfortable reminder of what once was…when they were happy. He seeks oblivion to make the uncomfortable feelings go away.

A Christian Intervention; God’s Work

The universe is slowly being rearranged, the temporal distractions that are blocking him are being removed. Perhaps they lose their job, perhaps the money is gone. He is reaching his bottom. And then family discovers that maybe there is a chance to bring them back. Speaking with a Christian Intervention provider, the plans are made for a Christian Intervention to bring them back into the light.

A Christian Intervention can bring the family back together

Arriving at the family home, the Christian Interventionist gives his testimony and the family begins to feel the stirrings of hope. The following day the substance abuser sits in the living room surrounded by his loving family…but he doesn’t feel that way, he feels alone. Initially defensive, he believes his problems are external. The letters are slowly read and the presence of the Holy Spirit begins to fill the room. After minutes or hours, the substance abuser’s objections are handled by the Christian Interventionist one by one. And then there is a long pause. A sense of relief passes over the substance abuser as he looks at his family. “Ok, I will go.”

After a period of shocked silence, the family isn’t sure if what they heard was true. Usually, they ask “Did you just say you are going?” to be sure. And then the one who was the loneliest person in the room is surrounded in hugs, laughter and tears.  And for a moment we see a glimpse of the work of God through a Christian Intervention.

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