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Drug Intervention Program

When a Drug Intervention Program is Needed…

Although many families are unaware that help for their loved one in the form of Drug Intervention Program exists, this form of help saves thousands of lives every day. Families and friends rarely know what to do to help a loved one whose life is spiraling out of control due to drug addiction. For this reason, a drug intervention program is highly recommended as a way to get professional help to intervene in a dangerous and life-threatening situation.

The purpose of an intervention is to confront the addict in a loving and supportive way with the primary objective of persuading the addict to enter into treatment immediately. It is often impossible to logically reason with a drug addict about the drug problem, without the help of a neutral party. Drug abuse changes everything, putting a strain on family relationships and transforming a family member into a person who is out of control and hard to help. For this reason, calling in a professional for assistance is a smart move. A professional interventionist has critical experience and the objectivity needed to control an emotionally charged intervention to get the best results.

Without a Drug Intervention Program many Families can become Stuck

Once an interventionist is contacted, he will then take over and plan the intervention event. The intervention is usually planned at the earliest possible date, out of respect for the urgency of the situation. There is literally no time to waste. An addict’s lifestyle is much like a ticking time bomb. There is no doubt that time is of the essence when dealing with the dangers of drug addiction.

It is important to provide the interventionist with as much information about the addict as possible, so he can prepare ahead of time. Communicating to the interventionist about any past violent behavior and the details about family dynamics is vital. The interventionist must know who he is dealing with before the intervention to plan for the event.

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Planning the Drug Intervention Program

Once the time and place is scheduled, the participants will be invited. Typically anyone who has been impacted by the addict’s behavior is invited to attend. Family, friends and co-workers who care about the addict are asked to participate. There are a couple of schools of thought about whether the intervention should be a surprise to the addict or not. For many interventions, the only way to get the addict to show up is to surprise them with the event. While the initial surprise can provoke an already unstable addict, it is often considered well worth minor dishonesty required, given the dire urgency of the situation.

Most interventionists hold a meeting with participants prior to the intervention to rehearse possible scenarios that might occur and how to handle them. Being mentally prepared for what can become highly emotional is always good advice. Participants often rehearse what they will say during the intervention. An intervention often provokes tears, shouting and name-calling. Participants need to be mentally prepared to respond in a calm and loving manner, even though the addict might become volatile and defensive when confronted.

There is no guarantee that an intervention will work 100 percent of the time. But for many recovering addicts, they will admit that they owe their life to an intervention program. A professional interventionist has the experience and objectivity necessary to reason with an addict and strongly encourage them to move forward into much-needed treatment. A professional intervention may be the only way to get a loved one into treatment.

Intervention Services can guide, educate or be a resource to you, the one who is reaching out.  Essentially, Intervention Services is on hand 24 hours a day to help you to help your loved one who may be abusing drugs or alcohol.  If you have questions or need to speak with someone, understand that most of our employees are recovering professionals who can speak with you as someone who once abused drugs themselves.

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