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Two Massachusetts men accused of drug possession

It looks like two New Bedford, Massachusetts, men could benefit from drug rehabilitation, especially if they are convicted on drug charges and related offenses. According to online news sources like, Tiverton, Rhode Island, police pulled over the suspects for speeding on Sunday, May 5.

Rhode Island law enforcement officials apprehended 31-year-old Aaron Brito for driving too fast on Route 24 just after 11 p.m. He told authorities that he lived at 117 Reed Street. Investigators reported that he was traveling at 80 miles per hour, in a 55 mile an hour zone. Cops ran the plate of his car and found out that Brito had a suspended license. A second vehicle occupant, 32-year-old Christian Monteiro, provided cops with a false name and revealed that he believed that there was a warrant out for his arrest for an unspecified crime.

Police searched Brito’s car and discovered one Oxycodone pill for which the suspect did not have a prescription. Weapons including an expandable police-type baton and a 3.5-inch blade in the center console were also uncovered.

Both men were taken into custody. Brito was arraigned on driving under the influence, felony-possession of Oxycodone and possessing weapons other than firearms. Monteiro was charged with obstructing and officer in execution of duty and providing a false name to police.

The suspects’ next court date has not been released to the public.

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