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O.J. Simpson’s ex-girlfriend accused of stealing prescription drugs

It seems like even after O.J. Simpson was found innocent of murder, he was constantly in the spotlight. The former Buffalo Bills professional football player was accused of various other crimes ranging from robbery to drug trafficking. However, rarely did we see any of the people that he was close to come under media scrutiny. Yet, all of that has changed, as Simpson's former girlfriend has made national headlines

The Associated Press reported that 38-year-old Christie Prody was recently accused of pilfering painkillers from an elderly couple who live in Moorhead, Minnesota. The suspect had access to these drugs because she was employed as a nurse in their home. She is purportedly going to be formally arraigned on June 28.

Many who know Prody believe that her alleged addiction to narcotics has given way to other bad behavior. A couple months ago, her lawyer submitted an Alford plea in response to a felony robbery charge in Fargo, North Dakota. An Alford plea is entered when the suspect has not admitted she is culpable, but accepts that there was enough evidence to secure a conviction.The judge granted her a four year suspended sentence and required her to serve two years of probation. 

The couple formally announced to the press that they were dating after in 1996 after Simpson was acquitted. 

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