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Information on Drugs, Alcohol, and Interventions in Hawaii

Hawaii InterventionistHawaii’s stunning beauty has caused the state to become a popular vacation spot as well as a high drug-trafficking location. Annually, Hawaii is visited by 7 to 12 million tourists on top of the island’s 1.2 million citizens, which allows drug smugglers to hide without being seen. Also, due to the state’s size, drug policing is hard to control. These factors have caused Hawaii to become a transportation stop in the drug trafficking world. Even though Hawaii is a metropolis area, the amount of substance abuse resources is very low.

Why Choose Intervention Services and Coaching for Drug or Alcohol Interventions?

We commonly see that when someone is seeking an interventionist, they will most likely limit their choices to therapists within their state. Even though hiring a therapist may seem like the right choice at first, they may not be the right choice in hosting an intervention. As a company founded by a family that has gone through and survived the struggles of drug addiction, we strive on not only helping the addict but the family as well. We have taken our experiences, turned them into our passion, and created Intervention Services and Coaching in order to help families just like yours every day.

Our interventionists take the time to train the family on drug addiction and build a support system for their loved one. As a result, Intervention Services and Coaching has become the largest intervention service provider in North America. We are able to successfully deliver around 400 interventions per year with a 95% success rate. Call now to speak to one of our trained coordinators to begin a tailored path of recovery for your loved one.

Hawaii and Addiction

People who are facing emotional and or physical pain of some kind turn to drugs for assistance with masking that pain. Once they receive assistance from drugs, pain killers and or prescription medication, they easily become addicted to that source. Drug addictions are not at all fun to deal with. People who have drug addictions don’t even know that they have it or are simply neglecting the idea that they have an issue. It is important to make sure that if you know someone facing addiction, they need to seek help. They cannot get better without the acceptance of having an addiction. The first step starts with accepting they have an addiction, then the second step would be to get help from a qualified rehab center.

Hawaii’s most addicting drug that most drug addicts reported to use is referred to as “ice,” also known as methamphetamine. Hawaii has the highest usage of this drug in the whole United States. From the year 2006 and 2014, there has been a significant increase by 83 percent of drug-related overdoses reported by overdose facilities. In addition, the shocking news is that many of these drugs have been transported by tourists, mail, parcel services and even some U.S. Postal Mail services. Drug addiction affects your life in so many disturbing ways. There has been reported high numbers of drug-related addiction and child neglect and abuse, domestic abuse and even homicide. Drugs do change you and make you into someone you are not.

There are many different Hawaii drug rehabs available to those who need help. Many Hawaii drug rehabs are there to help one receive the treatment they need around the clock to heal from their drug addictions. Many treatment centers involve customized treatment that includes 12 step programs to treat your addiction or disorder and to help you restructure your brain to heal. Many of the facilities offer a beautiful view and location which the view itself is therapy for your brain. The programs offered are nonjudgmental and are compassionate towards those with addiction. Their goals are to resolve causes of addiction, help you gain life skills to overcome addiction-related triggers, understand anxiety, rebuilding damaged relationships and help you get your life back.

Make sure to seek help if you are someone who is facing an addiction. Drugs can overpower you and make you become someone you are really not. Don’t let drugs control your life and the lives of the people you love. Seek help from a rehab center now.

Hawaii Drug Facts:

  • Most of Hawaii’s drug supply is transported into the state via air, sea, or the postal service.
  • Methamphetamine and high-potency marijuana are the most widely available drugs in Hawaii, as well as the most abused.
  • Pharmaceutical drug abuse is increasing at an alarming rate.
  • Alcohol abuse is very common, and causing a serious issue for the state.
  • Cocaine is transported into Hawaii by Pacific Islander independent dealers and Mexican criminal groups.

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