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Boston Drug and Alcohol Interventions

It’s very common for family members and friends to recognize the impact that drug or alcohol abuse has on an addict long before the addict begins to realize this impact. Whether they are drinking too much alcohol or abusing drugs, it may be clear that the time to quit is imminent but to the addict, this realization just may not strike.

As a family member or friend of someone struggling with addiction, you may have already seemingly tried everything you know of to get the individual to seek help. Confronting him or her about addiction is often
met with physical or emotional abuse from the addict who simply cannot see past his or her substance abuse. So what do you do to get an addict to choose treatment?

Boston drug and alcohol interventions provide the stepping stone for many families, offer the first step away from addiction and towards recovery and healing. But the hiring of an interventionist should not be taken lightly—it’s important to learn as much as you can about the intervention process and what qualities you should look for when hiring an interventionist before you take this leap.

Why Hire a Boston Drug and Alcohol Interventionist?

Knowledge and experience go a long way in getting an individual to accept help. NIDA has proven that, “a brief intervention gives patients a chance to learn about their drug use—especially as it pertains to their health—from an objective third party with medical training.” Addicts are generally more accepting of advice from an expert versus that from friends or family members, so interventions can help your loved one accept that he or she really does have a drug or alcohol problem that requires treatment.

A Boston interventionist can help you with:

  • Determining whether they believe they can convince the user to seek help.
  • Clearly setting forth the obligations of everyone involved in the intervention process including how the intervention will work, who will be involved, what will happen if the user does NOT seek help, and where the user will go to treatment (as well as how treatment will be paid for) if he or she does accept the help.
  • Understanding the addiction and the impact that it is having on YOU and on your loved ones.
  • Finding a treatment center that is available, accepts the proper insurance or will offer affordable treatment for the addict.
  • Ensuring that the addict gets to treatment—if that means flying to a treatment center or driving, the interventionist is by the individual’s side until the admission process has been completed.

Interventions can take place over the course of a few hours, or you may work with the interventionist for days leading up to and closing the process. This depends on the skill of the interventionist, the willingness of friends and family members to remain actively involved in the intervention process, and whether or not the addict accepts help.

If someone you love is struggling with addiction to drugs or alcohol, don’t delay contacting a Boston drug and alcohol intervention specialist today. This call could save your loved one’s life.

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