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5 Dangers Associated With Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol abuse, or drinking too much alcohol, poses a variety of dangers that can impact an individual’s physical and mental health, their financial security, relationships and safety. People who drink alcohol occasionally and do not abuse it often view the potential dangers as reasons to avoid overindulgence.alcohol_facts

Those who’ve become dependent on alcohol will generally continue to abuse it despite the potentially life-altering and life-threatening consequences. Learn more about a few of the dangers associated with alcohol abuse to help prevent too much drinking or to get help for a drinking problem.

Alcohol Abuse Dangers: 5 Consequences of Drinking too Much

  1. Face Serious Health Risks. Long-term abuse of alcohol can lead to serious health consequences. Ranging from cancer and liver disease, to heart problems and stroke, those who drink too much or become addicted to alcohol increase the chance of seriously compromised health or death.
  2. Suffer Emotional Trauma. The cyclical behavior of alcohol abuse leads to emotional trauma for the person who drinks as well as his or her family members and friends.
  3. Damage or Lost Relationships. Continued emotional trauma places enormous stress on the partner, children and friends of the individual who’s abusing alcohol. Alcohol can lead to damage that burdens families for a lifetime and can also destroy relationships that were once considered meaningful.
  4. Loss of Job or Failure at School. Continued excessive drinking is likely to lead to problems at work or school. As performance is compromised, problems at work or school can increase. Eventually, if the individual’s behavior doesn’t change, he or she may be fired or kicked out of school.
  5. Risky Behaviors Resulting in Legal or Health Problems. Abusing alcohol can lead a person to engage in risky behaviors that lead to legal problems or health issues. Driving while drunk, stealing money to buy alcohol, doing drugs or engaging in unsafe sex are just a few of the behaviors someone might get involved with when their judgment is impaired.

Watch for the Warning Signs

  • Responsibilities are Neglected. As alcohol becomes increasingly important in an individual’s life, the responsibilities that were once important will become neglected, such as showing up late to work.
  • Repeated Lack of Judgment. Choosing to participate in activities that are unsafe or illegal, and against character, are signs that something is causing judgment to be impaired.
  • Withdrawal Symptoms. As alcohol abuse continues, the person will need to drink more with greater frequency to achieve the same feelings. During times of abstinence, he or she will exhibit withdrawal symptoms, such as sweats, agitation and nausea.
  • Decreased Work or School Performance. When alcohol becomes the focus of an individual’s life, performance at school or work often declines.
  • Change in Social Behaviors. People who abuse alcohol may cut ties with long-term friends to spend more time with their drinking buddies.

Get Help Today

Abusing alcohol can turn a person’s life upside down, causing stress and damage to family members and friends. If you or someone you know has experienced any of the consequences or exhibiting any of the warning signs above, it’s time to get help.

Intervention Services and Coaching can answer any questions you have about treatment for alcohol abuse and guide you in obtaining appropriate help for yourself or someone you care about. Reach out today to overcome alcohol abuse and find hope for a healthy, happy life.

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