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Holistic Care Facilities

Holistic Care Facilities

Today many Holistic Care Facilities are utilizing natural treatments for people who are addicted to substances and alcohol. These alternatives to traditional rehab facilities
focus on detoxification that is all natural. This is advantageous to
substance abusers because it does not replace one drug for another,
which simply leads to abuse of a different substance. It also helps the
abuser replenish the nutrients and vitamins that drug abuse has


Healing the whole body

These Holistic Care Facilities have shown success
when treating all kinds of addiction ranging from illegal drugs bought
on the street like cocaine, prescription medicines, and alcohol. Natural or naturopathic detox
focuses on gradually lowering the amount of substances in the addict’s
body, increases health, and ready’s the body for a lifestyle absent of
substances. Treatment also focuses on eating healthy, and establishing a
diet plan that is healthy and nutritious. Adding all natural foods to
replace sugar in the diet, aids the body in recovery and healing from
the depleting nature of alcohol and drugs. In addition, this establishes
mental stability by lessening mood fluctuations.


A few supplements and foods that are utilized to assist the body with detox include:

  • To remove metals from the body, garlic and onions are utilized 
  • Vitamin C is used to lessen withdraw side effects and decrease nausea
  • Dandelion root helps to regulate the body’s digestion process
  • To heal the cells of the liver, Milk thistle is used because of its ability as an antioxidant 

Types of therapies utilized at Holistic Care Facilities

Some other holistic or alternative therapies used include mental
imagery, yoga, Tai Chi, and meditation. These natural techniques are
also important in the struggle against cravings and withdraw symptoms.
This helps patients learn more healthy and constructive ways to deal
with stressful situations. Other common


Therapies services offered in conjunction with holistic treatments include:

  • Group, family, and individual therapy
  • Natural detox from substances
  • Management of medication
  • Behavioral therapy
  • Emotional, nutritional, and spiritual counseling
  • Art and Recreational therapy

Focus on dual diagnosis

It is also imperitive for a treatment facility to not only focus on
the substance abuse, but also on mental health issues. This is is known
as a dual diagnosis, which is when a patient is an addict and has a
mental illness. Many addicts whose mental illness is not treated, turn
to substances as a way to self medicate and treat their own illness. If
the psychological illness is not treated and proper medication is not
given, patients will tend to relapse as a way to cope. To help a client
learn healthy coping strategies for dealing with everyday issues,
stress, and past abuse psychological counseling techniques are utilized.
This allows the therapist to discover the root cause for the abuse, and
help the client learn strategies to deal with this abuse and everyday

Holistic care facilities not only focus on the
addiction, but also healing an addicts entire body and mind. The more
coping techniques someone with a substance abuse learns and utilizes the
greater chance of long lasting recovery. 

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