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‘The Situation’ opens up about addiction struggles

As a cast member on the “Jersey Shore,” Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino was known as guy who liked to party, work out and go to the beach. Despite the fame and fortune he received as a result of being a cast member on the show, he was privately dealing with an issue that plagues many Americans: Prescription drug addiction.

According to Health Day News, Sorrentino’s substance abuse problem began in 2010 after injured his back and neck while appearing on another popular TV show, “Dancing with the Stars.”

“I was prescribed an opioid from a doctor to help ease the pain,” Sorrentino told the source. “I took it for days, for weeks, for months. As the months progressed I became dependent. I needed it just to wake up on a daily basis. But having a prescription from a doctor made me feel it was OK to keep taking it and to get it whenever I needed it. Because I had permission, and I thought the permission granted from a doctor meant that there’s nothing wrong with taking it.”

He finally realized that he had a problem during a trip abroad. Sorrentino began going through withdrawal after running out of medication. He then entered a residential treatment center in Utah. Sorrentino, who says that he is no longer using drugs and has given up partying, is now a spokesperson for Reset Reality, a drug addiction educational initiative.

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