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Is your child ‘too smart’ to try drugs?

As parents, there comes a time when we have to trust our children's judgment. This works for the most part, as the majority of teens are honest and responsible. The problem arises when we place unrealistic expectations on our children to the point that we think that they are "too smart" to do something "stupid" like using drugs and alcohol. Although many studies suggest that less intelligent people are more likely to be addicts, you may be surprised to find out that teens with higher IQs may be apt to try drugs in the first place.

In a report published in Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, scientists from the University of Helskinki in Finland found that within pairs of twins, the sibling who began to speak or read earlier was twice as likely as his or her sibling to be drinking more at age 18. The researchers suggest that people with higher IQs want to experience more learning opportunities, including experimenting with alcohol and drugs. 

"People have this impression that intelligence is somehow related to being introverted and bookwormish," said lead researcher Antti Latvala to TIME. "But if you look at these large studies, they definitely find this association with sensation-seeking and seeking different kinds of experiences. [They're] trying to learn new things. It could be related to the nature of intelligence."

Having a smart child doesn't mean that they are immune to the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse. If your child has a problem with addiction, contact Intervention Services today. We can connect you with an experienced interventionist who can help your teen recover.

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