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Is an Intervention in Kansas City Right for You?

Drug addiction is a chronic and often deadly disease. Watching someone you love slowly destroy themselves through drug abuse is extremely difficult. If you have a loved one suffering from drug addiction in Kansas City, an intervention might be the right approach for you.

According to the Missouri Department of Mental Health, an intervention is a combination of resources and support options put together to produce a change in behavior or health improvement. It is not necessarily a gathering of people. It is a technique that:

  • Influences a behavior
  • Provides social support
  • Creates a good environment for improvement

Interventions for substance abuse often involve family and friends but they can also be solo between just the therapist and the addict.

Types of Interventions Available

Addicts are rarely the same and do not always respond to the same methods of intervention. Some are calm, some are sensitive, some are extremely aggressive and some are violent. The most common types of
intervention practiced in Kansas City include:

  • Motivational Interviewing – This intervention model takes place more as a conversation rather than an interrogation. It should motivate the person to change rather than force them to.
  • Johnson Intervention Model – This popular mode of intervention is the one most often portrayed on TV or in movies. It is often harsh and aggressive towards the addict.
  • Invitational Model – This simple and straightforward model is more of an invitation to change rather than an attempt to change the addict by force.
  • Field Model – This combination of the invitational model and Johnson models uses both the power of aggressive encouragement and invitation to change to encourage new behavior.
  • Systemic Intervention Model – This is useful when the addict is violent or aggressive. It uses experiences rather than threats to help the addict into recovery.

It is important to remember that these are just models that can be changed according to the situation at hand.

Who can Help me With an Intervention?

A professional interventionist or an intervention specialist in Kansas City can guide the way providing support when you need to intervene in the addiction of a friend or loved one. These are usually therapists that are specifically trained in conducting interventions. According to the Association of Intervention Specialists, an

  • Identifies appropriate people for the intervention including friends, family, counselors and others who can provide value to the intervention process.
  • Supports those involved in the intervention process by providing guidance and solutions for both the family and friends as well as the addict himself.
  • Facilitates the intervention in a safe, non-confrontational atmosphere.
  • Guides everyone before, during, and after the intervention process.
  • Provides aftercare for the individuals involved.

Each of these services is vital to the success of the intervention. Where can I Find an Interventionist in Kansas City?

You can find a professional Kansas City interventionist in:

  • Specialized intervention treatment offices
  • Addiction treatment facilities and rehab centers
  • Government programs that offer free or reduced cost care

Is an Intervention Right for Me?

Encouraging the addict you care about to seek the treatment that they so desperately need is a hard process. If you want to help the addict find treatment, then there is an excellent chance that a group intervention is the right choice for you. This gathering of friends and loved ones often gives someone addicted to drugs or alcohol a gentle push towards treatment and a means to end their addiction.

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