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Meth Users Charged with Child Endangerment

Anyone who has been witness to the ravages of meth addiction can tell you that using this drug is far from a victimless crime. Meth not only takes a physical and mental toll on the user – it also harms their loved ones, be they parents, siblings or children.

Last month, Washington-based publication The Herald reported that a couple in Lake Stevens had been arrested after a witness informed police officers that they were smoking meth in a vehicle in the presence of a child. The 22-year-old woman involved in the incident was holding an infant in her arms, directly exposing the baby to the toxic fumes.

Despite the frigid temperature on the night of the incident, the heating in the vehicle was not on, and the child – who was wearing just a diaper – was crying. The police officers told the source they believed the infant was cold and hungry.

The couple was reportedly arrested on the spot, and authorities called Child Protective Services to take custody of the infant. Upon arrest, the young woman told the police that she used meth daily, and had two other young children who were regularly exposed to the smoke. She also confessed that her boyfriend had operated a vehicle with the children inside while under the influence of the drug. 

According to an informational document prepared by the Division of Child and Family Services in Nevada, children who are exposed to secondhand meth smoke can experience eye irritation, respiratory problems and chemical burns.

A methamphetamine addiction can tear a family apart and, in extreme cases, put innocent lives at risk. If someone you care about has turned to this form of substance abuse, you may be able to help them by staging a meth intervention. Our professional interventionists can provide the support that you and your family need as you tackle this complex issue.

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