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Learn to Spot the Physical Signs of Addiction in Your Child

Getting your adolescent son or daughter to open up to you about their day can be difficult enough, even when they aren’t trying to conceal something from you. However, when it comes to a developing alcohol or substance addiction, it is imperative that you stay vigilant and look of for any warning signs.

The National Institute of Drug Abuse estimates that just over 14 percent of high school seniors in the United States abused prescription drugs in 2012. Meanwhile, though the number of teens who have used ecstasy or developed a huffing addiction has decreased in recent years, these drugs still have the potential to harm teens and derail their promising futures.

This blog recently documented some of the behavioral signs of addiction that young users may exhibit. In addition, substance abuse may make itself known through certain physical changes and unconscious habits.

The online health and lifestyle publication Living Green Magazine recently covered some of these symptoms. As well as taking on a disheveled appearance because of a decreased interest in the way they look, teens who are delving into drug abuse may also have dilated pupils and red cheeks. Newly developed burn marks on their fingers, though possibly caused by cigarettes, could indicate that they are experimenting with a more dangerous substance like meth.

Finally, if you’ve noticed that your child seems to sweat more profusely, or begins to clench their teeth frequently, these characteristics may be cause to bring up the subject of drug abuse.

Even if they are aware of the warning signs, many parents may not catch on to their child’s drug habit before it has developed into an all-consuming addiction. Our youth intervention services have been designed to address substance abuse in adolescents and their families, so that these young users can reclaim control of their lives.

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