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How to Identify Concealed Depression

11 Signs to Help You Spot Concealed Depression

Depression is a serious issue that often goes unseen. Concealed depression is when someone is conditioned to deal with their inner thoughts and demons in a way that does not make them visible. They bottle up all of their thoughts and emotions and put their fake smile on for the day. They are left to battle these problems internally without the help of others because they have hidden the problem so well. Here are a few signs that you or a friend might need help.


1. The Appearance of Seeming Happy, Going Out of the Way to Show Happiness

Depression is very difficult to deal with. It is more than just a mood. Those who live with depression day in and day out have learned to alter their behavior. They learn how to keep their emotions inside; thinking that if they show depression people will judge them in a negative light.


2. Having Escape Hobbies

Concealed depression has a lot to do with people trying to conquer their demons on their own. They will pick up hobbies like running, music, and shopping, anything to let them escape. While everyone has hobbies, these are done more frequently than most people.


3. Troubles with Being Alone

People with depression often feel that revealing their issues to others will put a burden on the others around them. Therefore, they hide their problems in order to keep people around them.


4. The Cover Up Stories Are Always There

People with depression become professionals at creating cover up stories and excuses. They are quick to respond when questioned about bruises or cuts on their bodies.


5. Abnormal Sleeping and Eating Habits

Sleeping and eating too much or too little are textbook examples of depression. Depression can make a person feel that they have no control in their lives. They believe that they can be in control of their sleeping and eating habits, but they do not control them in a healthy manner.


6. They Are Very Smart and Conscious of Substances

A person who handles their depression also knows how to handle and monitor what they put into their body. They know what each substance and what it will do to them. They stay away from anything that might alter their fake appearance and emotions. Altering their state of mind in any way is much more of a responsibility than it is for other people.


7. Perception of Life and Death

Thinking of mortality every day is also a sign. The life and death cycle plays a huge role in their thought process on a constant basis. They may become obsessed with trying to find meaning in their role on Earth.


8. They Display Unique Talents and Expressive Forms

Many people that deal with depression are artists, musicians, and leaders. They see things from a different perspective than other people. This allows them to express themselves in incredible ways.


9. Searching for a Meaningful Purpose in Life

Everyone wants a purpose in life, but people with depression are hung up on finding it. They will pass up other aspects in life because they are blinded by one goal, true happiness. They believe having a purpose will bring them instant happiness.


10. Subtle Cries for Help

Even a person concealing their depression will sometimes slip up and let out a hint or clue into their life. Some do this in desperation, a last-ditch effort or just to see how others will react to their comment. If they feel comfortable with someone, they may open up.


11. Seeking Love and Acceptance

People pleasers, they will do anything for acceptance. That is similar to what people with depression do. They want everyone to like them and like being around them. While everyone wants to be accepted, people with depression will go to extremes to be liked.

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