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Drug abuse intervention could be option for accused trafficker

In addition to the physical and psychological effects that addiction can reap, abusing illicit substances can further impact a person's life if it leads to criminal charges. And, unfortunately, the greater a dependence becomes, the more an addict will be willing to sacrifice for their next high – whether it's their health, their relationships or ultimately their freedom.

Last month, a 28-year-old woman from Norwalk, Ohio was arrested on three charges of drug trafficking. The Norwalk Reflector, a regional news outlet, reported that Rachel Mock was taken into custody earlier this year after she sold prescription medication to "a confidential informant." Mock currently has no criminal record and, thanks in part to a growing understanding that addiction is a disease that requires treatment, she may still be able to avoid one.

The source states that Mock will be undergoing "substance abuse and psychological evaluations" at a local rehabilitation facility on April 19 to determine whether intervention services may be more appropriate than criminal charges. The result of these examinations, the newspaper notes, "will give the court more information on how to proceed with the case."

Prescription pill abuse is a growing issue across the country, and is one that affects teenagers and college students as well as adults. Its prevalence has led legislators to argue for stricter regulation of these medications, urging the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to push for abuse-deterrent alternatives to existing drugs.

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