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An intervention is an excellent way to help an addict into the treatment that they need. During an intervention, family and friends of the addict encourage the individual to seek treatment and put an end to their addiction. Participants talk to the addict about how the addiction is hurting them and how much they care about him or her. Choosing an interventionist in Columbus, Ohio begins with a solid understanding of what you can expect of the intervention process.

1. Purpose of an Intervention

The addiction intervention should:

  • Influence the addict’s beliefs about addiction in a manner that corresponds with the loved one’s beliefs and which proves that the addiction is life-threatening to everyone involved.
  • Increase the addict’s social and emotional support systems showing that they have friends and family who love and care for them enough to seek and encourage help that meets their needs.
  • Create an environment that supports the addict’s recovery rather than hindering it.

All of this happens by bringing together family, friends, and the addict alongside a professional Columbus interventionist for an open discussion of the addiction.

2. Models of Intervention

The models of intervention available in Columbus, Ohio vary in name but often include:

  • The Field Model
  • The Invitational Model
  • The Johnson Intervention Model
  • The Motivational Interviewing Model
  • The Systemic Intervention Model

Another common intervention method is called a brief intervention. Brief interventions, according to the National Library of Medicine, are simple advice or suggestions generally from a friend or family member and do not always include a professional interventionist. This type of intervention is more idealistic for someone who has a very low rate of apprehension against treatment.

3. What to do During an Intervention

There are many methods of conducting an intervention and presenting the idea of treatment to the addict. Some of these methods include:

  • Direct confrontation – you confront the addict about their addiction by pointing out exactly what the addiction is doing to the addict and to you. This method may get out of hand without the help of an intervention specialist.
  • Role-playing – you work with an interventionist to write a small play about the pain and chaos that the addiction is causing. Some people choose to use an actual event and some choose to make an event up. This process may be embarrassing to some participants and they may not feel comfortable acting.
  • Question and answer – this is one of the least confrontational methods of intervention. You ask the addict questions about their addiction with the guidance of an interventionist who can help you develop leading questions about the addiction and treatment. These questions are designed to force the addict to admit that they have an addiction and that they need treatment to end it.

If you are going to attempt any of these intervention methods, you should have a professional at the intervention to direct the activity. A professional Columbus interventionist can keep things from getting out of hand during this fragile but vital process.

4. Hiring an Interventionist

In order to conduct a traditional family intervention, you will most definitely need some help. You can find help by contacting an intervention specialist in Columbus or surrounding areas. Interventionists assist you with planning, guiding, directing, and carrying out the intervention. They suggest models and methods based off the information you give them about the addict and his or her addiction, and they provide aftercare for the family members and the friends involved, as well as the addict.

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