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The Family Intervention

Why is it that we are coming together and having the family intervention? Is it for our loved one, the addict? Or is it really for us? After a hundred drunken episodes, lost jobs or failed marriages, the addict or alcoholic usually seems to remain relatively oblivious to the misery that he or she is causing their loved ones. Aside from the occasional mumbled apology, or the brief moments of self-pity, it appears that he or she takes very little accountability or responsibility for his or her own actions.

It is the family that always suffers most…not the addict. If an addict becomes too uncomfortable, they can always just ingest another pill, take another drink, or smoke another joint to “make it all go away” leaving you to feel the consequences. It is you, the family member, who stays up all night when he’s “out with the boys” again.

You are the one who feels unwanted when your husband is passed out on the couch. You are the one who feels the pain of another lost job or failure. The family members are the ones that suffer the most, and the family has been harmed as a result.

So it is with you that we must begin our focus. The family intervention process is broken up into two days, respectively called the “Family Consultation Day” and the “Family Intervention Day”. It is on “Family Consultation Day”, which lasts approximately 6-8 hours, where we can help to begin the healing of the family itself.

A Family Intervention can begin the healing in your family

Intervention Services was started by two brothers, both seriously affected by addiction. One, a drug addict who was slowly killing himself; the other trying desperately to save his brother. We have been in your shoes…and we understand in a way that perhaps few do.

The Family Intervention – It’s the family that suffers the most

Statistically, most drug addicts or alcoholics do not get sober. The idea that one day most alcoholics or addicts wake up and eventually “figure it out” is a fallacy. The alcoholic or addict is usually the least qualified to know how much trouble they are in. Some end up in jail, some overdose or die in automobile accidents, some commit suicide. Some just continue on and on, slowly fading away…the long goodbye. Most never find sobriety and the suffering family waits for a miracle..

Sobriety almost always begins when an outside event occurs that causes an alcoholic or addict to look differently at their life. Sometimes it is after the loss of a job, or a divorce, or when they lose custody of their children. Sometimes it is after they lose everything and end up on the streets. But sobriety doesn’t have to begin that way. The addict doesn’t have to take it all the way to the bottom, for sometimes the bottom is irreversible. Recovery can begin with you…the one who loves them. This is what a family intervention is about.

Recovery Intervention

This type of family intervention has, as it’s the end goal, active and usually lifetime participation in recovery. Although most commonly using traditional approaches such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous, a recovery intervention may also include Christian or faith-based alternatives such as Celebrate Recovery or other support groups.

A Recovery Intervention may include many aspects of our continuum of care, including inpatient treatment followed by sober living residency for up to 6 months, followed by active participation is support group meetings, outpatient, etc. The goal of a Recovery Intervention is a complete lifestyle change and dedication to recovery.

Crisis Intervention

A Crisis Intervention only seeks to handle the immediate unhealthy behaviors of a loved one. When a child is only experimenting in drugs, binge drinking, or maybe only showing a few signs of abuse, it can sometimes be counter-productive to have one family member dedicated to pushing a teenager into a lifetime commitment to participation in recovery meetings, and the rest of the family thinking that this is only an unhealthy phase that must be addressed.

Intervention Services uses a Systemic form of family interventions, which means that we have to work collectively as a family unit. To disintegrate the family and work against each other is one of the worst things that can occur with any intervention.

Closure Intervention

A Closure Intervention allows a family to feel that they have done everything possible before moving on to a different stage in their life. Sometimes family members call us and they are rather blunt. “This intervention isn’t about Jim…it is about us.” Occasionally there are issues of child custody, years of alcohol and drug abuse, feelings of apathy, major illness surrounding a loved one who has “given up”, or just the understanding that the substance abuser has a short time left and we all need to know that we tried.

Closure interventions are a way for a family (or family member) to become “unstuck”. Historically very powerful experiences for all involved, it is an honor for Intervention Services to help guide a family that needs an Intervention of Closure.

The Family Interventionist

In essence, it is important to have an intervention service provider that is willing and able to tailor the intervention towards your needs and expected outcomes. We are considered an authority on family interventions. Contact us today so we may guide you toward the ideal solutions for your family.

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