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Drug Abuse Intervention in Cleveland

When someone you care about abuses drugs or alcohol it can be devastating. Fortunately, help exists that can end the disease of addiction and allow everyone involved to return to happy and healthy lives. An intervention may be just what is needed to begin the road to recovery. Finding and choosing an interventionist in Cleveland, Ohio begins with a firm understanding of what the process is like, how it works, and where you should search for professional help.

What is an Intervention?

Often, an addict has no idea of the damages that their disease is doing to others. An intervention seeks to help the addict to understand this by gathering a group of people that are affected by the addiction and that care about the addicted individual together to express their role in the addiction and how they can help to facilitate recovery. This group then confronts the addict about their substance abuse along with a professional Cleveland interventionist.

How Does it Work?

There are several steps to a successful intervention. These steps include:

  • Planning – This step requires you to gather a group of people affected by your loved one’s addiction that are willing to confront them and help them seek treatment. It’s important that this group DOES NOT include anyone that uses drugs or alcohol with or without the addict.
  • Education – For this step, you need to learn all that you can about your loved one’s addiction and what treatment options exist.
  • Decisions – In this step, the group that will be confronting the addicted individual must decide on real consequences that the addict will face if they refuse to get help. A Cleveland interventionist can explain these steps in greater detail so you feel safe and in control when you begin the intervention process.
  • Intervention Meeting – This is the actual confrontation, where the intervention group, guided by a professional interventionist, calmly points out how the addict’s behavior has hurt them and presents treatment options and consequences for failing to get help.
  • Follow Through – This final step will involve either getting the addicted individual into a treatment center or enforcing the consequences that the addict was presented with should they choose not to get help.

Following these steps is more likely to result in a positive outcome, but there is always a possibility that the addict will not seek treatment. As a friend or loved one, you must be prepared to deliver on any consequences that were set forth during the intervention process. It’s just as important for friends and family to hold up to their end of the deal as it is for the addict to hold up to his or her end.

Finding an Interventionist in Cleveland

According to the Mayo Clinic, confronting someone about their substance abuse and addiction can be risky and it is a good idea to seek out a professional addiction counselor or interventionist to help you. Finding an interventionist in Cleveland, Ohio may seem difficult, but it can be as simple as a phone call to a local addiction helpline or treatment center.

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