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Intervention Handbook

Intervention HandbookAn Intervention shouldn’t be over until your loved one achieves at least one year of sobriety.

A drug or alcohol intervention can be an intensive and emotionally draining process. So intensive that you may find that you forget most of what we cover on the Family Consultation Day of the addiction intervention process. To handle this we have provided a Family Intervention Guide or comprehensive intervention handbook.

Professional Interventionists’ Always Come Prepared

When using , as soon as the drug or alcohol intervention counselor arrives he or she will be using this handbook as an educational guide during the family consultation day to help you better understand and grasp the fundamentals of addiction, enabling, tough love and the intervention process itself.

This is yours to keep and will not only assist you during the intervention but continue helping you in the days, months, and even years after your loved one enters treatment. We must focus on the long-term.

Understand that what you feel is of little importance today may be of great importance to you several months later after your loved one has completed treatment.

“Our attitude is that the alcohol or drug intervention process is not truly over until the alcoholic or addict achieves at least one year of continuous sobriety.”

Getting someone to stay sober is always better than just sobering them up.

Hopefully, with the aid of our Family Intervention Guide, our lifetime support, and under the guidance of your qualified intervention counselor, both you and your loved one can r

Here is a sample of the Table of Contents of the Family Intervention Guide, or handbook that the drug and alcohol intervention counselor will be guiding you through:

General Information
The Intervention Team
The Goals of the Intervention

Fundamentals of Addiction and Intervention
The Disease Concept
Basic Types of Alcohol or Drug Users
Basic Nature of Addiction and Manipulation
Reactions or Manipulations of an Addict during an Intervention
Summary of Reactions
Progression Rates of Addiction
Progression Curve of Addiction
Negative Effects of Addiction List

Understanding Enabling and Intervention
Enabling Behaviors
Enabling vs. Emotional Connection
Types of Enabling Behaviors
Examples of Enabling
The Effects or Consequences of Enabling
Enabling Factors List

Tough Love and Intervention
Bottom Lines or “Tough Love”
Bottom Lines Examples
Bottom Lines List
Effects & Consequences of Tough Love
Bottom Line Phase
Sample Bottom Line Letter

The Intervention Process
Outline of the Intervention Process
Letter Writing Guide
Role Players
Objections to Treatment during the Intervention
Objections and Solutions List

Appendix: Treatment and Recovery after the Intervention is Over
While your Loved One is in Treatment
What if he wants to Leave?
After Completing Treatment
Handling a Relapse

intervention handbook

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