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Ohio community holds annual substance abuse summit for teens

Despite the damaging effects of alcohol and drug abuse, these habits are often glorified in movies and TV shows – particularly those geared toward teenagers. As such, it's easy to understand why some young adults would assume that binge drinking and drug use are common practice among their peers – and are simply a part of the adolescent experience in general.

To combat this perceived normalcy, students from three high schools in Ohio are invited to a youth summit – where they can have open and frank discussions about substance abuse and its effects.

One high school junior who attended the event this year noted that many teens are letting the entertainment industry set the standard for them, and argued that "it should be the other way around," reports.

"We should lead the media. The big problem is teens don't see the effects (marijuana) has," the student told the news outlet.

While many young adults may indulge in alcohol or drug abuse intermittently during high school or college without developing a dependence, for some, this habit could transform their future. There are a number of factors that contribute to a person's addiction risk, including family history. For these individuals, even casual using can quickly escalate to an all-consuming need.

If your teenage son or daughter is abusing drugs or alcohol, you've probably tried all manner of methods – from heart-to-heart talks to confiscating their cell phones – to steer them away from this path. Sometimes, though, you may need to consult professionals to tackle this issue. We offer youth intervention services that are specifically geared toward younger users. Contact us today to learn how a professional interventionist can help your loved one.

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