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Marijuana, heroin and synthetics plague Maryland county

Although some people still associate drug dealing and substance abuse with major cities, law enforcement officials from suburban communities would argue that addiction plagues their areas as well. In Harford County, Maryland, located outside of Baltimore, drug deaths are growing at a rate faster than in many other areas of the state, according to the leader county’s anti-drug abuse program.

In an interview with The Baltimore Sun, Joseph Ryan, manager of the Harford County Office of Drug Policy, said that the county’s young people are abusing opiates, marijuana and synthetic drugs in increasing numbers. He also noted that parents, who are often concerned about street drugs, should keep the dangers of alcohol abuse in mind as well. The items that teens can find in their parents’ liquor cabinet can be a contributing factor to lifelong addiction.

According to Ryan, another emerging problem in Harford County is the emergence of synthetic drugs and new ways to abuse substances. There are multiple videos available online that explain how to vaporize alcohol. Young adults are engaging in this activity in order to decrease their caloric intake and get drunk quicker.

“Parents should familiarize themselves with these drugs and their street names to keep a lookout,” Ryan told the source. “These drugs have nicknames and your kids could be talking right around you and you would never know.”

In order to prevent a substance abuse problem from getting worse, parents should be vigilant about monitoring their child’s activities. If you suspect that your teen is struggling with addiction, contact Intervention Services today to learn about our drug intervention programs.

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