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Xanax Intervention

A Xanax Intervention is often like walking on eggshells

xanax intervention

Many people contact Intervention Services and ask us about whether or not they should have a Xanax Intervention when someone is abusing these pills.  Xanax (a ) is an anti-anxiety medicine prescribed by physicians to treat anxiety disorders. Problems arise when patients take Xanax longer than the recommended period of 2 to 4 weeks. Abusers of Xanax often combine Xanax use with alcohol or cocaine abuse which increases the probability of an overdose. Since Xanax is a prescribed medication, Xanax addicts often live in denial about the problem, until symptoms reveal the addiction to those close to them. Xanax intervention on a user offers a viable option for family members to help Xanax addicts deal with this dangerous addiction. The purpose of a Xanax intervention is to persuade the addict to enter into a treatment program.  Generally speaking, Intervention Services performs several different types of Interventions, however, with Anti-anxiety medications, we usually see two types.

Two Types of Xanax Interventions

Xanax Intervention on a Primary User

A Xanax intervention on someone who primarily abuses Xanax and where Xanax could be considered their primary “Drug of Choice”.  Whether this began recreationally or due to a legitimate prescription by a doctor, this type of person feels they “cannot function” without Xanax

Xanax Intervention on a Poly-Substance Abuser

A Xanax intervention on someone who abuses Xanax to offset the side effects of other drug use.  A classic example of this would be in an alcoholic or Opiate (Heroin, Vicodin, etc) abuser.  Those who abuse these drugs will often begin to exhibit anxiety as a side effect and will speak with a doctor about their “anxiety” without fully disclosing the amount of substance abuse with other drugs.

Symptoms of Xanax addiction include an increased lack of responsibility toward career and family, memory loss, preoccupation with Xanax, clumsiness and flattened emotions. If a family member using Xanax is exhibiting these symptoms, a Xanax intervention may be the answer. Due to the highly-addictive nature of xanax, anyone who has been using the drug for an extended period of time can be assumed to be addicted and in need of help.

Rebound Anxiety with Xanax Interventions

It is important to understand when thinking about someone who is abusing Xanax, an interesting effect that occurs which is called “rebound anxiety”.  Rebound Anxiety is what occurs as a side effect of anti-anxiety medication where the drug abuse itself actually worsens anxiety over time, especially when not taking the drug.  In layman’s terms, if you were not experiencing anxiety at all in your life, but began taking daily doses of Xanax, in approximately one year you would now “have anxiety” as a rebound effect. And if you tried to quit taking them, in addition to being in potential medical danger, your new-found anxiety would be ten-fold…unless of course you took another Xanax.  An interesting and ironic dilemma, that anti-anxiety drugs often create the very problem they are trying to solve.

Professional Xanax Interventionist

It is essential to hire a professional interventionist to plan and stage the Xanax intervention. After leading and participating in many interventions, a professional knows what to expect and can coach participants for effective intervention. While there is no surety that a Xanax intervention will work, many recovered addicts admit that the intervention is the reason they finally checked into a treatment program.

Xanax Intervention 101

Before the day of the Xanax intervention, the professional interventionist holds a meeting to discuss the big day. Family members, friends and other important people in the addict’s life are invited to the intervention. The preparation meeting allows participants to rehearse what they want to say to the addict. This get-together also offers the interventionist a chance to go over different scenarios that are likely to arise. As a professional coach who has experience in the process, the interventionist explains the best way to handle different situations before the emotional day of the intervention. By preparing ahead of time, participants are better able to manage their emotions during the actual event. The intervention is a way for concerned family members and friends to show their concern in a loving and supportive forum. Successful Xanax interventions save many addicts’ lives and get them started on a healthy path to recovery.

Intervention Services has been performing Xanax interventions for over twenty years. Our professional interventionists are here for your loved one and to give you and your family the tools to deal with and change the underlying behaviors that enable addiction.

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