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family drug intervention

When a family member begins considering a Family Drug Intervention, there is often some degree of chaos within the family.  In some cases it is brought upon by the addict themselves.  In other cases it is because the different family member’s can’t agree on how to help.  It’s frustrating to be the family member of someone who abuses drugs or alcohol. Often we try to offer help, sympathy, financial assistance and try and inspire change. Sometimes they are grateful for the help but do little to change.  Surrounded by a family that loves them, a substance abuser rarely sees the help that is available.  A Family Drug Intervention offers a family in crisis a tool for coping with a loved one struggling with addiction. Family drug interventions have saved many lives by helping an addict to deal with a dangerous addiction in a comfortable loving way before losing everything. Given the number of people abusing drugs in the the U.S., it is no surprise that so many people are exposed to, and become hooked on the illegal use of drugs. According to Medline Plus website article, “Drug Abuse”, drug abuse results in 40 million serious injuries in the U.S. each year. Many people end up addicted and find themselves in a vicious cycle of needing more and more drugs to achieve the same high. This cycle is how things can often get out of hand, causing many fatal overdoses.

A Family Drug Intervention Can End the Cycle

Addicts often live in denial most of the time, believing that they are in control. Once an addict is using the drug to keep from experiencing painful withdrawal symptoms, it is often very difficult for them to stop “cold turkey.” For this reason, it is imperative for the addict to enter treatment where they can safely stop using. Withdrawing from many drugs can be dangerous if attempted without professional supervision.

Commonly Abused Drugs During a Family Drug Intervention

Drugs that are commonly abused cover a spectrum of over-the-counter medications prescribed by physicians to illegal street drugs sold in back alleys. Drugs that are abused include amphetamines, cocaine, marijuana, club drugs like ecstasy, inhalants, heroin, anabolic steroids, and prescription drugs. Drug abuse is not always obvious at first as drug addicts can be very creative, hiding their problem for as long as possible.

Family Drug Intervention Indicators

Friends and family members who are worried about a loved one and drugs can look for certain signs. Mood swings, social withdrawal, sloppy grooming, glassy or bloodshot eyes, constant sniffling, a runny nose, and sleep problems indicate possible drug abuse. Major changes in behavior are also an indicator that a person might be involved with drugs. When anyone exhibits more than one of these changes, there is a very high probability that they are abusing drugs.

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Preparing for the Family Drug Intervention

The first step for the family to take is to hire a professional family drug interventionist. This person can provide objective guidance based on experience. Family drug interventions are never easy, but they have proven to be the only way to persuade many addicts that they need help. It is important to schedule the family drug intervention as soon as possible since addiction can escalate quickly with overdose and suicide as distinct possibilities.

The professional interventionist will have a meeting prior to the family drug intervention to coach all participants about how to interact with the addict during the actual intervention. Family members, friends and co-workers usually comprise the group attending. Rehearsing what will be said to the addict ahead of time makes it easier for participants to confront the addict for the purpose of convincing them to get help. A family drug intervention is not the forum to be used to blame the addict or shame them into treatment.

Goals of a Family Drug Intervention

The goal of a Family Drug Intervention is to persuade the addict to get immediate help. An intervention should be presented as an organized effort to express love and concern for a loved one. By confronting the addict, they can no longer hide from the problem. Family drug interventions have proven successful in a majority of cases.

Intervention Services can guide, educate or be a resource to you, the one who is reaching out for a family drug intervention.  Essentially, Intervention Services is on hand 24 hours a day to help you to help your loved one who may be abusing drugs or alcohol.  If you have questions or need to speak with someone, understand that most of our employees are recovering professionals who can speak with you as someone who once abused drugs themselves.

family drug intervention

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