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An External Motivator

Four Things Necessary to Recover

  1. Internal Feelings
  2. External Motivator
  3. External Hope
  4. Internal Strength

an external motivator

The second factor necessary for lasting recovery is an external motivator that has some influence on the substance abuser.   This can also be referred to as consequences of addiction or, more importantly, “feeling the consequences” of addiction.  This external motivator doesn’t have to just be people in his/her life that are pressuring the substance abuser to quit, but it can also include negative consequences that are building around him.  Work and financial troubles are a part of this.   Even one’s health is considered an “external” motivator, due to the fact that most substance abusers mentally separate themselves from any recurring health problems that have arisen due to the abuse and categorize it as an “outside” problem.   Some common examples of external motivators include:

  • Family
  • Financial
  • Legal
  • Jobs
  • Friends
  • Church Members
  • Health
  • Spouse
  • Significant Other

Essentially, without some form of an external motivator; outside stress, pressure or consequences, then just having an internal desire isn’t usually enough.

List below what you feel are the external consequences surrounding the substance abuser.  Next list whether or not you feel that the substance abuser is actually feeling the negative consequence enough to make it an external motivator.  Circle those negative consequences that are actually external motivators:

_____________________________             _____________________________

_____________________________             _____________________________

_____________________________             _____________________________

_____________________________             _____________________________

_____________________________             _____________________________

“Without feeling and understanding the responsibility of how our actions have affected ourselves and others, recovery may not last.”

Why They Recover: The Four Factors Necessary

For someone to have long-lasting recovery, they ideally need all four of the following:

  1. An External Motivator

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