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An Internal Strength

Strength to Remain Sober

Four Things Necessary to Recover

  1. Internal Feeling
  2. External Motivator
  3. External Hope
  4. Internal Strength

an internal strength

The fourth factor necessary for lasting recovery is an internal strength.  This is the understanding of a substance abuser that he or she can actually recover, get sober, or remain sober.  Many substance abusers have the previous three factors that we have covered but lack this critical element.

They want to be sober, have the consequences of their addiction, know that treatment and recovery works…but no longer believe in themselves.  This is the dilemma of most “chronic relapsers” that have had many previous attempts at recovery, both in and out of treatment.

Some common questions that we use to determine if a substance abuser has enough internal strength in order to remain sober include:

Choose “Y” or “N” on each of the following

  • Has the substance abuser been in other treatment programs in the past?
  • Does the substance abuser have a large number of negative consequences that have occurred or continue to occur as a result of substance abuse?
  • Does the substance abuser believe that treatment programs can help other people?
  • Does the substance abuser openly and sincerely talk about wanting to be clean and sober?
  • Does the substance abuser sincerely state or imply that he or she doesn’t even enjoy getting drunk or high anymore?
  • Has the substance abuser made sincere attempts to quit but failed?

If you answered “YES” to at least 5 of the above options, then there is a good chance that the substance abuser is lacking in Internal Strength.

“Without faith in oneself, recovery is usually sporadic and temporary.”

Why They Recover: The Four Factors Necessary

For someone to have long-lasting recovery, they ideally need all four of the following:

  1. An Internal Strength

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