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Former Celtics player discusses past drug abuse

Falling into the trap of substance abuse does not begin with a single action, Chris Herren, former star player for the Boston Celtics, told a group of students at West Morris Central High School in Chester, New Jersey, earlier this month. Instead, he argued, it's a series of events that can spiral out of control before you even realize it. During an informative and, at times, gripping seminar, Herren detailed a life of drug and alcohol abuse that had become life threatening before he was able to stop it from taking him over completely.

"I had a lot of pressure on me from a young age," Herren told the assembled students. "I thought a little bit of smoking and drinking on the weekends would never be a problem."

Herren went on to describe how his substance problems escalated quickly between high school and college. The occasional drink or puff of marijuana turned into cocaine and Oxycodone consumption. Matters were made far worse by the fact that the former basketball player believed that he would never fall prey to true addiction.

He urged the students to beware of the seemingly innocuous act of experimentation during a high school party. This act, he cautioned, can quickly lead to more using and, over time, the degradation of a person's lifestyle and well-being.

If there is someone in your life who you fear is beginning to fall into the trap of alcohol or drug abuse, it's never too late to try and save them from these dangerous habits. In this case, interventions for substance abuse conducted by Intervention Services are trustworthy and advisable courses of action. Contact our offices today to learn more!

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