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Crack Cocaine Addiction

Crack, which is also known as crack cocaine, is an illicit drug that is made out of cocaine. Cocaine is made from the leaves of the coca plant. Crack is formed by cooking baking soda with cocaine powder. It is then broken into small pieces, which are called rocks. When crack is heated, it makes a cracking sound. That is why it is called crack. Crack is either tan or white in color. Below are some of the additional things that you need to know about crack:

There Are Several Street Names For Crack Cocaine

Dice, French fries, beat, candy, 24-7 and hard rock are just a few of the many slang terms that can be used to refer to crack cocaine.

Crack Cocaine Hurts the Body Immediately

People who use crack will immediately feel a rush. The reason that users experience a rush after using this drug is that it increases the production of a neurotransmitter called dopamine. Dopamine is the precursor to ephiphrenine. This neurotransmitter increases movement and pleasure. Crack also helps increase alertness. However, the effects of this drug usually wear off within five to 10 minutes of using it. Most users feel depressed after their high feeling is gone.

Percentage of People Who Use Crack Cocaine

It is estimated that six to eight million people have used crack within the past year. One million crack users are teens or young adults. Studies have shown that young, unmarried males who are unemployed are the group that is most likely to use crack cocaine. Crack cocaine use is also higher among people who have dropped out of high school.

Four percent of high school seniors have tried crack cocaine. Approximately three percent of people have tried cocaine before they entered high school.

There Are Dangers Associated With Using Crack Cocaine

Crack cocaine can cause the blood vessels in the stomach and intestines to narrow. This can decrease blood circulation, which can cause the tissues in the intestines and stomach to die. As a result of this, stomach ulcers may develop.

Smoking crack cocaine can also have a negative effect on the lungs. The chemicals inside of the crack cocaine can harm the lining of the respiratory system. This drug can also make it harder for the lungs to use oxygen, which can cause shortness of breath. Crack cocaine can also increase the risk of lung diseases.

Additionally, crack cocaine causes the blood vessels to constrict, which can raise blood pressure. High blood pressure can increase the risk of strokes and heart attacks. Crack cocaine users are also an increased risk for suffering heart failure.

Kidney failure is another life-threatening complication that can come along with using crack cocaine. High blood pressure often leads to kidney failure. Furthermore, people who had medical problems prior to using cocaine are more likely to experience kidney failure.

Crack Cocaine Can Harm a Developing Baby

Mothers who smoke crack during pregnancy need to be cognizant of the fact that they are not only hurting themselves, but they are also hurting their babies. Babies who are born to mothers who smoke crack during pregnancy are often referred to as “crack babies.” Smoking crack during pregnancy can cause a woman to go into labor prematurely. It can also increase her chances of having a miscarriage or delivering a stillborn baby.

Furthermore, crack cocaine can have lasting effects on a developing child. Children born to mothers who used crack during pregnancy are more likely to have cognitive problems later on in life.

Crack Cocaine Can Impact Psychological Health

Not only is crack cocaine bad for one’s physical health, but it can also have a negative effect on his or her psychological health. Paranoid and aggressive behavior is very common among crack cocaine users. In fact, it is estimated that 68 to 84 percent of crack cocaine users experience paranoia. Fifty-five percent of crack cocaine users experience other psychiatric problems, such as depression and suicidal behavior.

A Person Could Face Severe Penalties If Caught With Crack Cocaine

The punishment for crack cocaine possession can vary from state to state. However, if a person is caught with crack cocaine, then he or she could face severe penalties. For example, people who are caught with 28 grams of crack cocaine could spend a minimum of five years in jail if it is their first offense. Repeat offenders will face even harsher penalties.

Crack Cocaine Is Very Easy To Obtain

Despite the fact that crack cocaine is an illegal drug, it is still very easy to obtain. In fact, many teens have stated that they could very easily get crack cocaine. There were a survey done that involved eight graders, 10th grades and 12th graders. Twenty-three percent of eight graders, 32 percent of 10th graders and 45 percent of 12th graders stated that it was very easy for them to obtain crack cocaine. Keep in mind that crack cocaine has become more cheaper and plentiful since the 1980s, which is why it is easy for people to obtain.

Crack Cocaine Is Highly Addictive

Many people intend to only use crack cocaine one time. However, it is very difficult to do that because this drug is highly addictive. Not only do many people become addicted to crack cocaine, but they also become tolerant to it. This means that they have to keep increasing their usage in order to experience the same effects.

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