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Corydalis-Miracle Medicine? or Not?

corydalis are to help relieve pain

Whether you have recently been prescribed painkillers and other pain-related medication or if you are simply looking for natural alternatives to help with giving you the relief you are seeking, Corydalis is one option that may be right for you.

What is Corydalis?

Corydalis is a traditional herb medicine that has been used in China for hundreds of years to help with pain relief, as it is natural and does not include potentially harmful chemicals and ingredients. Corydalis is a replacement option that is ideal for those who are suffering from anything including back pain and menstrual cramps to headaches and other aches and pains that are commonly experienced throughout the body itself.

It is also possible to help nerve spasms and common muscle pains with the use of Corydalis as an alternative of any other opioid or painkiller on the market today.

Although Corydalis has been commonly used for thousands of years, most of any research that has been done on the natural herb medication and remedy is fairly new and not extensive. Although there have not been extensive studies done on humans with Corydalis today, tests have been thoroughly completed with animals using Corydalis.

Within animal testing, Corydalis has proven to show that it is highly effective at not only blocking inflammation of the joints throughout the body, but it is also ideal for treating any pain that has been triggered by cold or cool weather.

Additionally, testing Corydalis on animals has also proven to calm and rid nerve pain altogether.

How Do You Take Corydalis?

It is possible to take Corydalis in various ways, depending on the type of pain you are treating or the ailments and illnesses you have. Using Corydalis is possible by dissolving granules within hot water and sipping them throughout your day and as needed, based on any recommendations you may also have from a family doctor of physician you see regularly.

Additionally, it is also possible to take Corydalis in a pill form, which often requires a bit more time to begin working to help with relieving pain, aches and other symptoms you experience. Using more than one capsule of Corydalis each day is possible depending on your dosage, the level of pain you experience throughout each of your days as well as your own doctor’s recommendations based on your body and current state of health.

Taking nine grams each day divided into two to three doses is ideal for maximum pain relief without the use of additional opioids and painkillers that are prescribed on the market today.

Where Do I Get Corydalis?

Because Corydalis is known as an ancient Chinese medicine that has been used for hundreds of years, it can often be purchased and located at various Chinese herbal stores. It is also possible to search for the right type of Corydalis for you right from home, online, in addition to visiting natural acupuncturists or doctors who work with alternative and natural medicines and herbs to alleviate and treat pain symptoms.

Although Corydalis is considered to be entirely safe for adults who are healthy, it is not recommended to take for occasional pain, as the medicine itself is intended for long-term use and for extreme suffering in patients. Additionally, it is not recommended to use Corydalis in patients who are breastfeeding, pregnant or for any individual who has an irregular or abnormal heartbeat.

It is always highly recommended to speak with a doctor or physician you see regularly before choosing the right form of Corydalis that is ideal for you and the symptoms you have each day.

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