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Uptick in Maine crime rate linked to drug addiction

Maine residents who have substance abuse problems are taking more risks and increasingly turning to violent crime in order to feed their addiction, according to many law enforcement officials in the state. Portland, Maine, NBC affiliate WCSH reports that, in recent criminal investigations, the root cause of many incidents has been traced back to a suspect's drug addiction. 

"The drug addiction that we are experiencing in Penobscot County and across the state of Maine has really changed the way that crime is being committed," Penobscot County Sheriff Glenn Ross told the media outlet. "During the early parts of my career criminals never wanted to be seen by any other person if there was a person there […] [They] wouldn't break into a place but today they are willing to take chances." 

According to Ross, examples of such bold crimes include a bank robbery in Sanford and a home invasion in Orrington where a woman was held at knife point. He also noted that many of these criminals know their victims and are aware if there are prescription drugs or valuable items in their homes. For this reason, he said, it is important for friends and relatives to be able to identify the signs of addiction and be willing to seek help for a loved one. 

Addiction is a disease that can cause its sufferers to engage in behaviors that are completely outside of their personality. If someone in your life has a substance abuse problem, now is the time to intervene. Contact Intervention Services today to learn how our experienced staff can help you. 

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