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Troubled starlet Lindsay Lohan ordered to return to rehab

Even after a successful drug abuse intervention and rehabilitation treatment, a recovering addict still needs a great deal of support and understanding from friends and family, as every day they must battle their own brain to avoid a relapse. Unfortunately, for individuals who don't have a such a system in place – or are perhaps surrounded by enablers in a high-stress environment – resuming their old habits almost seems inevitable.

The trials and tribulations of Lindsay Lohan, a former child-star whose run-ins with the law have begun to overshadow her acting accomplishments, are a harrowing example of that fact.

According to reports, Lindsay Lohan was ordered by a judge to seek treatment for alcohol and prescription pill abuse. CNN states that the actress pled no contest to two misdemeanor charges relating to a traffic accident last year, and she agreed to spend 90 days in a rehabilitation facility. In addition, she must also undergo 18 months of therapy.

This will be the sixth time that Lohan has entered rehab to treat her addiction problems,

"She's spent 250 days in five rehab facilities since January 2007," CNN notes, "including one long court-ordered stint after a failed drug test."

Lohan's tumultuous family life has been well-documented in recent years, and while every instance of addiction is different, that instability – paired with the infamously hedonistic nature of Hollywood – may certainly pose challenges for the actress' recovery.

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