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Tallulah Willis Leaves Rehab After Six Weeks

Tallulah Willis Leaves RehabTallulah Willis Leaves Rehab and Continues Outpatient Treatment


The youngest daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, Tallulah Willis leaves rehab after 6 weeks at The Meadows. The Meadows is a treatment facility located in Arizona. Tallulah is now continuing outpatient treatment. Tallulah went into rehab from alcohol and drugs, but there was more to that story.

Being the daughter of 2 very famous and attractive movie stars can be a bit overwhelming at times. Just imagine everyone constantly comparing you to you beautiful mother, watching her in movies and looking at her in magazines. No doubt the amount of makeup and photo editing to make Demi appear flawless was there. I am not saying Demi is not beautiful, but society places an extreme amount of pressure on people to be perfect and flawless in every way. As a child, Tallulah did not see it that way. Her mother was beautiful and perfect and she was not. Tallulah suffered from body dysmorphia. She stated,” I felt like I was ugly, always,’ she continues. ‘You could tell me a thousand times that it’s not true, but it’s true.” Imagine feeling like this while standing next to your beautiful mother and sisters at a red carpet event, while people are taking pictures and staring at you. It also doesn’t help to have those horrible critics that point out your appearance. She doesn’t look as good as her mother. We thought she would be more attractive. Tallulah talked about how she would listen to complete strangers judging her and believe them, over the kind words of her family.

Upon having body dysmorphia, she developed an eating disorder, as well as, drug and alcohol abuse. Tallulah had many demons to face while in rehab. These demons also included her mother entering rehab for mental exhaustion and stress, after her divorce from Ashton Kutcher. A close friend explained that was very embarrassing for Tallulah and that she wouldn’t even show up for school after that report came out. Having your life on display for the public can be very difficult, especially at such a young age. Tallulah is only 20 years old and has been through more mental hurdles, than people twice her age. This explains, but does not excuse the drug and alcohol use. Her parents gave her an ultimatum. Get help or you are cut off from everything, financially. Tallulah Willis leaves rehab with a healthier mindset, determined to be healthy and happy.

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