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Teens expelled for selling prescription pills in school

The non-medicinal use of prescription pills is one of the most common forms of addiction among adolescents in the United States. For some teens, it is just a matter of sneaking the occasional painkiller from the family medicine cabinet, but, unfortunately a few individuals have taken advantage of the increasing demand for these substances on campus.

This week, the Green Bay Press Gazette – a Wisconsin publication – reported that a high school prescription drug ring had been discovered, and that nine of the alleged dealers had been expelled from Pulaski High School. The majority of the offenders were just freshmen, the source stated.

“Students are able to find prescription drugs in the medicine cabinets at home, or in their grandparents’ homes,” local police chief Randal Dunford said in an interview. “People should realize this is an issue and protect their children and grandchildren from getting ahold of illegal substances.”

The drug ring has been under investigation since December, after a student reported that they’d overhead a discussion about a drug deal and had witnessed an exchange of money.

Local officers are reportedly considering charging the 10 students involved with selling narcotics at the school. And, though expulsion and a criminal record may seem to derail their futures on the surface, superintendent Mel Lightner noted that it may even be a blessing in disguise.

“We told the kids this might be the best thing that happened to them, so they turn things around,” he told the paper.

In many cases, it takes an extreme event like an arrest or hospital visit to awaken a user to the depth of their addiction. However, some people may need further intervention services to embark on the road to recovery. If you are concerned that your child is abusing prescription pills, contact a professional interventionist before their addiction takes hold of their future.

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