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Reality TV star and teen mother reportedly returns to rehab

When an individual succumbs to alcohol or substance abuse, the effects can be devastating – not just for them, but their friends and families as well. And, when small children are involved, such an addiction can be all the more traumatic. As such, if you know someone with young kids who is struggling with drug abuse, it's all the more important to help them get the treatment they need.

Jenelle Evans – one of the stars of the MTV Reality Show "Teen Mom" – has become well-known for her substance abuse. The 21-year-old mother gave birth to her son Jace as a teenager. But, due in part to her partying and marijuana use, she lost custody of the boy to her mother.

Since she first appeared on MTV a few years ago, Jenelle has remained in the public eye. In that time, TV cameras and gossip mags have documented her highs and lows as she sought to regain custody of her son. In that time her substance abuse seems to have worsened, and sources including reported that her mother took her to a rehabilitation center in November 2012 to seek treatment for a heroin addiction.

Now, rumors are swirling that the troubled young mother has relapsed and may again be seeking treatment for substance abuse.

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