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Information on Drugs, Alcohol and Interventions in Wisconsin

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The availability, distribution, and abuse of powder and crack cocaine pose the most significant drug threat in the eastern and central areas of Wisconsin. High-purity heroin is becoming more available and the number of heroin abusers is increasing in and around Milwaukee. Methamphetamine production in Iowa and Minnesota has begun to spread into northwestern and southwestern Wisconsin. Cocaine and crack cocaine are easy to obtain in Wisconsin. Drug trafficking organizations transport large amounts of cocaine from the Southwest Border through Chicago or to Wisconsin directly.

We provide professional intervention services for people all across the state of Wisconsin, including cities like Appleton, Eau Claire, Green Bay, La Crosse, Madison, Milwaukee, Oshkosh and more.

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Wisconsin Drug Facts

  • In 2014, 7.7% of Wisconsin residence abused/had a dependency on alcohol.
  • Within the same year, 377,000 adults were recorded to have heavily used alcohol.
  • Around 9% of individuals who needed substance abuse treatment in Wisconsin received it.
  • 17.5% of youth in the state of Wisconsin abused alcohol in 2014.

Why Choose Intervention Services and Coaching for Your Intervention?

As a company founded by a family that has gone through and survived the struggles of drug addiction, we strive on not only helping the addict but the family as well. We have taken our experiences, turned them into our passion, and created Intervention Services and Coaching in order to help families just like yours every day.

Our professional coordinators are able to are here to understand the dynamic of your family in order to give your loved one the tailored help they deserve. Our coordinators will match the perfect interventionist for your family, but they will also find your loved one the proper treatment facility as well as be a support system for the entire family. Due to our tailored plan, Intervention Services and Coaching has become the largest intervention service provider in North America. We are able to successfully deliver around 400 interventions per year with a 95% success rate.

It is very common for someone seeking an interventionist to want to limit themselves to choosing an interventionist in Wisconsin. Even though a Wisconsin interventionist may seem close and convenient, and will probably save you on the cost of a flight, it is probably not the most effective choice. Consider that Intervention Services is the largest intervention service provider in North America, delivering 6-10 successful interventions per week. A Wisconsin therapist who has worked with drug and alcohol addicts is not necessarily an expert in the field of alcohol and drug interventions. Call now to speak to one of our qualified substance abuse counselors and interventionist specialists and understand the difference.

Drug Addiction & Rehab in Wisconsin

The illegal drug use or dependence in the state of Wisconsin is most common among people between the ages of 18 and 25, with the marijuana usage rate being 20 percent in that age group. For adults of 26 years and older the usage rate goes up to five percent. Among high school student, a staggering 31 percent have admitted to using marijuana at least once in heir life.

Other than marijuana, illegal drug use is also the highest n the age group of 18 to 25 years of age. The rates are the lowest with around 3 percent for adults of 26 and older. The state of Wisconsin remains among the states in the U. S. with the lowest illegal drug use and drug dependence, although there is still a lot to be desired.

The state, however, has a good number of highly efficient Wisconsin drug rehabs. These institutions have food and nutrition coaching, s3staff, the extensive overall experience in the field, and various facilities to aid patients in the recovery process.

Tellurian is one of the more popular Wisconsin drug rehabs. The organization operates non-profit and specialized in the dual-diagnosis treatment and offers more than 20 programs. It is based in Ucan, Monona. Going to Milwaukee, IMPACT has been in the business for over 50 years. The institution does not offer treatment but consultation and referral services.

Another one of the Wisconsin drug rehabs is the Hope Haven North Bay Lodge located in Madison. It is a residential treatment facility with capacity for 25 people. The residents receive 25 hours of counseling per week along with other benefits such as food, housing, and assistance with the job search. After completing the program there, patients can move on to the transitional house Chris Farley House, held by the same institution.

The unique and highly personalized approach of Dr. Teralyn Sell from Inner Strength, Counseling and Recovery is another one of those drug rehabs based in Wisconsin that is worth looking into. It is based in Neenah. Dr. Sell firmly focuses on helping patients work through emotional and mental issues that have led them to use drugs in the first place and make them submit to the addiction instead of seeking help sooner.

In Wisconsin, there are a wide number of rehabilitation centers for drug and alcohol addicts. They have a varied approach that is often personalized to the specific patient. It is critical to seek help as soon as the first signs of addiction start showing through both for yourself and a loved one alike.

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