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Drug & Alcohol Interventions in New Hampshire

The goal of a New Hampshire drug & alcohol intervention is to get an addicted loved one to agree to go to treatment. Part of the planning process is to make arrangements for admission to a treatment program. You will want to have a plan in place before you decide on a date for the intervention, including having a space waiting for your family member.

There are many treatment centers in New Hampshire. Family members may become overwhelmed when trying to find a program for someone they love.

How to Find a Treatment Center for Your Loved One

1. Ask your Family Doctor

Your doctor should be able to share names of drug and alcohol treatment centers for your loved one.

2. Contact a Health Insurance Provider

Health insurance companies are familiar with addiction treatment centers. Reach out to a customer service representative to explain that you are looking for suggestions for a treatment program for a loved one. If he or she has coverage in place, contact that company for help.

3. Go Online to Find Options

The Internet is a great place to look for drug and alcohol treatment rehab options. You will be able to find several listings for New Hampshire with an online search. It will take time to go through the results and contact different facilities directly to gather information and inquire about availability.

4. Ask your Interventionist for Referrals

An interventionist may be able to suggest names of drug and alcohol treatment centers to his or her clients. Tell your interventionist you are looking for an independent referral you can contact yourself to determine whether it will be a good fit for your loved one.

Talking About Treatment at a New Hampshire Drug & Alcohol Intervention

Ideally, your family will have made arrangements for your loved one to go directly to an addiction treatment center directly following the intervention. Present the opportunity to go to treatment as something that is already in place, including any travel arrangements and having a bag packed and ready.

Drug Addiction and Rehab in New Hampshire

How much can drugs affect your life? When you have an addiction, drugs can heavily affect your life and turn your world upside down. Drugs can cause isolation from your loved ones such as your spouse, friends, and family. Drugs have this way of taking control of you and who you are. It turns you into someone your not and makes you do things you never thought you would do. It is the addiction part that makes you do the unnecessary. Also, the craving that is being controlled by your brain. Some people may disagree and claim that they do not have an addition. It becomes hard for them to accept the truth because they don’t want to believe the truth. Once one can accept their problem they are able to get help. New Hampshire drug rehabs are found all throughout the state in order to treat drug addiction.

According to the, our own president claims that he only won New Hampshire because that state is a drug-infested den. This state is one of the most known states for the drug fentanyl, which is a synthetic drug of heroin, but more potent and much stronger. In fact, in 2015 there were 285 opiate-related deaths than California at 229. Also, there were 3 opiate-related deaths per every 100,000 residents of New Hampshire, which if you compare it to the national average it is 8 times higher than that amount. The deaths in New Hampshire has only have been increasing significantly over the years. It is very devastating on what has been occurring with the increase in recent drug-related deaths. It is very important for those with addiction to get help right away before it gets uncontrollable.

Most New Hampshire drug rehabs are out there to put an end to addiction and to help get an individual’s life back if they want it back. There are so many different treatment programs that are offered by many different facilities to specifically tailor to one individual’s needs for treatment. Many of these drug facilities all offer similar treatment programs such as 90-day treatment programs or more, 12 step programs, individual and family counseling, group therapies, cognitive therapy, medication and therapeutic activities that help with apart of the treatment process. To mention a few facilities, there is The Plymouth in Plymouth, New Hampshire, Webster Place Recovery Center in Franklin, New Hampshire, Phoenix House in Keene, New Hampshire and Amethyst Foundation, Inc. in Salem, New Hampshire.

Seeking treatment is most important to heal yourself. Do not wait or hesitate when it comes to your addiction. Your addiction deserves first priority. Make sure you get help today to change your life for the better.

New Hampshire Intervention and Addiction Information

When considering a drug or alcohol intervention in New Hampshire, it is helpful to understand the predominance of the various drugs and their activities throughout the state. New Hampshire, nicknamed “the Granite State,” was one of America’s first colonies. The farthest north of the original thirteen states, it was once called North Virginia. The state hosts over one million visitors each year who resort in the mountain, lake and seashore scenery. New Hampshire has not escaped the scourge of drug and alcohol abuse that has overtaken the rest of the nation. The residents of New Hampshire are threatened daily by the abuse and distribution of illicit drugs within the state.

Marijuana, heroin, and cocaine are widely-available drugs throughout New Hampshire. Cocaine is associated with more violent crimes than any other drug, making it the most severe drug threat to the state. However, high-purity, low-cost heroin also poses a serious threat to New Hampshire. High-purity heroin has higher health risks than lower-purity heroin. Also, a younger generation of heroin users is emerging. In some parts of New Hampshire, heroin is already more prevalent than cocaine. Marijuana is the most abundant drug throughout the state. Marijuana abuse is at high rates. Marijuana abuse has reached alarming rates among teenagers and adolescents.

Often, someone seeking an interventionist will choose to limit their options to only an interventionist in New Hampshire. Even though a New Hampshire interventionist may be close and convenient, it is probably not the best choice. One may not know that Intervention Services delivers 6-10 successful interventions per week, making it the largest intervention service provider in North America. A counselor in New Hampshire who helps alcoholics and drug addicts is not necessarily an expert in the field of alcohol and drug interventions. Call now to speak to one of our experienced interventionist specialists and qualified substance abuse counselors and understand the difference.

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