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New Dangerous Drug Wax

New Dangerous Drug That is the new Trend Called Wax
The new dangerous drug wax is the new trend.

The New Variation of Marijuana: The New Dangerous Drug Wax

The popular new drug known as “wax”, a purification of marijuana, is considered dangerous and is notorious for resulting in the high effect in some people for more than a day by just a sole use. From what an undercover DEA informant reported to ABC News in February 2014, it’s as if you smoke “20 joints” of the original marijuana into one. Its use has been found to result in brain damage and even the beginning of psychosis in quite a few cases. It’s legal and available at convenience stores to anyone over 21 in Colorado.

Cooking it is also even more dangerous than cooking methamphetamines. That’s due to the fact that combining the oils of the leaves with the ingredient, Butane, an extremely flammable agent, is used to divest the product of its THC-the ingredient that produces the high in the original marijuana. According to My Fox Detroit, Police in Roswell, Georgia have recently reported that its street names include Honeycomb, Butter and Wax. Another thing that makes the dangerous new drug wax even more dangerous is that it feels like lip balm and is easily concealed in lip balm jars. It is also easily malleable and can be easily molded into tiny shapes or a simple round ball.

There’s even a contest called X-Cup held in Denver in broad daylight for the purpose of seeing who can make the new dangerous drug wax the most powerful. It serves as a grand opportunity for novel entrepreneurs who are looking to make their way into the legal marketplace for the wax. Jay Hood, one of the contestants stated to ABC News in February 2014 that it’s likened to the gold rush.

It appears that the new dangerous drug wax is very new so it is not yet known how it will affect everyone on an individual basis. However, the fact that it has been found to trigger psychosis and cause brain damage are two very significant signs that everyone would be better off staying away from it completely. Drug Enforcement Agencies are doing their best to figure out how they can crack down on it though some have reported that it’s sometimes difficult, especially due to its legality in Colorado.

Again, the bottom line is that the new dangerous drug wax is not a situation to be taken lightly.


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