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Maine Governor addresses issue of addicted babies in speech

Pregnat mother whom use drugs regularly can cause their new born babies to be addicted to the drugs when born

In recent weeks, the country has been acutely focused of the issue of drug abuse. A deadly batch of heroin that swept over western Pennsylvania, followed by the alleged overdose death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman, has many people all too aware of extensive drug problems.

While this issue still has the attention of many, Maine Governor Paul LePage took the opportunity to address it in his State of the State speech.

The Sad State of Drug-Addicted Births

According to LePage, 927 drug-addicted infants were born in Maine in 2013 – 7 percent of all births. He referred to the situation as a “troubling epidemic” that was having an adverse affect on the state’s communities.

“Each baby addicted to drugs creates a lifelong challenge for our health care system, schools and social services,” the governor said in his speech.

“It is unacceptable to me that a baby should be born affected by drugs.” LePage’s address slightly mirrored the State of the State speech given by fellow Northern New England governor Peter Shumlin of Vermont. Shumlin devoted the entirety of his talk to the issue of heroin abuse, which he said was at epidemic levels.

How Should the Problem Be Fixed?

Where the two governors diverged, however, is in how they would fix the the problem. Shumlin called for better addiction treatment services, while LePage said that he would put more emphasis on expanding law enforcement and judicial resources.

Addiction is clearly an issue that must be dealt with in our legal system and in our communities. If someone in your life is suffering from addiction, contact Intervention Services to learn what an experienced interventionist can do for your loved one.

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