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Las Vegas parents urged to help combat drug abuse

Teens in Clark County, Nevada are becoming addicted to heroin after first abusing prescription drugs found in the home like Oxycontin or Vicodin​, an investigation has found. Law enforcement officials in the area say that once the commercial medications becomes too expensive or hard to find, users then look for a cheaper alternative that will provide a similar high. To combat this problem, Las Vegas police are running drug awareness programs for parents and guardians of adolescents.

According to Metro Police detectives Tim Beck and Steve Balonek, drugs impact children of all ages and parents need to be vigilant about what their kids are doing at home and what they may have access to.

“The prescription drugs are what’s being used first, and if the parents don’t realize those are being abused it makes an easier transition for them to try some of this other stuff because they are still searching for that euphoria,” Balonek said to the Las Vegas Sun. “Hopefully the parents can recognize that and put an end to that before it gets to that level.”

At the drug awareness course, parents were shown slides of Ecstasy pills, packets of synthetic drugs, marijuana buds and deflated balloons filled with heroin. They were also urged by the facilitators to lock their medicine cabinet, count their pills and dispose of unused prescriptions at designated drop centers. In addition, there were told to be on the lookout for needles or spoons, which may indicate heroin use.

Fighting drug abuse begins in the home. If your child is struggling with addiction, contact Intervention Services today. Our youth intervention services can help your teen get into an effective treatment program.

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