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Large Portion of Federal Prison Inmates Jailed Because of Drugs

A serious drug addiction can lead a person down a dangerous spiral of self-destruction, taking a heavy toll on their health and pulling them away from their loved ones. Additionally, the longer a user turns to illegal substances, the greater the risk that they will end up in a federal prison.

According to 2011 statistics released by the U.S. Department of Justice, up to 48 percent of the inmates in federal prisons were arrested because of drug-related incidents – including trafficking and possession. Some advocacy groups argue that mandated rehabilitation programs would be a more effective way to address these crimes, and although the recent legalization of marijuana in Colorado and Washington has shown increased leniency regarding certain substances, the country's "War Against Drugs" policies are still practiced nationwide.

Though many prison inmates may be behind bars for possessing or dealing drugs, these facilities are still largely populated by violent offenders. In addition, the federal prison system has repeatedly come under fire due to reports of dismal living conditions and brutality. As such, serving a prison sentence can be a traumatic experience, and being branded a felon can make it even more difficult for an addict to find their footing once they are released. The resulting sense of alienation can therefore make substance abuse all the more tempting as a pain reliever and form of escape.

If someone you care about has developed a severe substance abuse problem, don't wait until they drug use results in an arrest. Enlist the help of professional interventionists to hold a drug abuse intervention and guide your loved one through the rehabilitation process.

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