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‘Intervention’ Tells Story of a Sibling Relationship Transformed by Drugs

An addiction is an all-consuming disease – one that can drive a person to use and manipulate the people they love without a thought – anything they must do to keep fueling their habit. In the case of one addict featured on the A&E series “Intervention,” her meth addiction has been supported and enabled by her brother’s drive to fund his own drug use.

When “Intervention” first reached out to Kelly, the 27-year-old had been using meth and pills on and off throughout the day for three years, all while raising three children. Her long-term supplier was her brother, Kevin, a fellow addict.

Kevin used meth and opiates daily at the time the episode was filmed, and sold drugs to his sister multiple times a week. The siblings had been close as children, but now, their mother Judy says, “their relationship is based on their addiction and nothing else.”

“I want drugs when I want them,” Kevin told the show. “You don’t care who […] you hurt, you can hurt Jesus, it doesn’t matter,” he said regarding the charge that he is profiting from his sister’s destructive habit.

While knowing how this sort of substance abuse can lead someone to take advantage of family members and loved ones doesn’t undo the hurt these betrayals may cause, it is essential to see them as indicators of a serious disease.

If someone dear to you is battling an addiction that routinely drives them to deceive the people closest to them, take a step to combat their substance abuse by contacting Intervention Services. Our professionals can provide drug intervention help as well as ongoing aid if your loved one pursues treatment.

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