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Heroin becoming ‘drug of choice’ in Maine

Maine governor Paul LePage and Public Safety Commissioner John Morris recently met with police chiefs from around the state to discuss the drug abuse problem that is plaguing the region, reports the Maine Sunday Telegram. The biggest takeaway in these closed-door meetings was that while the state has been making significant headway in cracking down on prescription drug abuse, heroin use seems to increasing rapidly.

"Heroin is becoming the drug of choice and it's cheaper on the street," LePage said during a press conference after the meeting. He also pledged to continue to provide funding for the state's drug enforcement agency.

During the meeting, law enforcement officials were unable to provide LePage and Morris with statistics that prove that heroin use is on the rise. They did, however, present strong anecdotal evidence to support their assertions. The most powerful example mentioned was the arrest of four individuals from outside of the state who possessed 125 grams of heroin and intended to sell it.

Many of the police chiefs told the source that they were happy to meet with the governor to discuss the state's drug problem. Lieutenant Frank Clark of the South Portland Police Department said that addiction is the underlying reason behind many crimes, especially theft and burglaries, so it is important to deal with addiction in order to bring the entire crime rate down.

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