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Hard drug abuse may be more prevalent than you think

While the increasing misuse of prescription pills has garnered global attention in recent years, other forms of substance abuse are still a significant cause for concern in certain areas. Recently, the ABC news affiliate covered a story that echoed the sentiments of Jon Bon Jovi when he learned of his daughter's heroin addiction – that this problem is more common than you may think.

According to the news outlet, heroin use is a "growing problem" among teenagers in the Chicago suburbs – more so than some community members may be willing to admit. P.J. Newberg, the mother of an 18-year-old girl who is currently battling a heroin addiction, has launched a campaign to increase awareness about the issue facing her community.

Citing a study from Roosevelt University, ABC correspondent John Garcia noted that the Chicago area has the highest documented rates of heroin abuse in the country, adding that the problem extends beyond the city limits.

Recently, residents of Glenview, Illinois gathered for an information session on the burgeoning addiction problem. One attendee – recovering addict Stephanie Kuhns – stood before the crowd and told them she began using when she was just 14. Now 24, she explained how all-consuming her heroin problem had been, and that even the loss of friends and family members was not enough to keep her from seeking her next high.

The Foundation for a Drug Free World estimates that 9.2 million people abuse heroin globally. If your child has developed such an addiction, you may struggle to even recognize them at times. However, no matter how severe their dependence on this drug, it is always possible to overcome it. Contact the professional interventionists at Intervention Services to learn more about how you support your loved one during this trying time.

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